Kennedy Family Makes Their 2024 Endorsement

Cecil W. Stoughton, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Many members of the Kennedy family have praised President Joe Biden as they traveled to the White House while ignoring presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was trying to win the Oval Office. 

On Sunday, the Kennedys were invited to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration where many of the family members had ended up taking to social media to offer their praise to Joe Biden. RFK Jr. ‘s younger sister Kerry Kennedy stated that it was not enough to just have a wish that you will make the world better, they also needed to take action to do so. She added that Biden with his actions was making the world a better place. 

U.S. Envoy to Northern Ireland Joe Kennedy III also wrote that this was a small family gathering.

Many Kennedy family members have previously slammed Kennedy Jr. over his participation in the presidential race as well as the references that he has made to his late father, Robert F. Kennedy, and his late uncle, President John F. Kennedy, especially relating to the Super Bowl ad which included photos of many of the well-known family members. 

Jack Schlossberg, RFK Jr.’s cousin, argued that he was “trading” in conspiracy theories in an attempt to win personal fame.

Kennedy Jr. responded to the backlash by apologizing for any pain he had caused to his family members with the Super Bowl ad. He added that the ad had been created by the American Values Super PAC and that he had not been at all involved in the creation. As he pointed out according to FEC rules the Super PACs were not allowed to get consultation from his staff or himself.

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