New Research About U.S. Population Reveals Something Shocking

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

( – Research conducted by members of the Urban Institute found that noncitizens in the United States under 65 years old will account for close to one-third of those who do not have health insurance in 2024. According to the research which was backed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, around 8.6 million noncitizens, including both those who entered the country legally and illegally are uninsured.

According to the findings noncitizens under 65 are around 8 percent of the nonelderly population in the country, and yet the uninsured rate for them next year is expected to be four times higher than those of the entire U.S. population, at 39.2 percent compared to 9.8 percent.

Last month, President Biden announced that all those who had received benefits under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals would be eligible to apply for Medicaid and could apply in the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges. However, the research also found that even with these efforts this would only include a small number of uninsured noncitizens.

Around 16.5 percent of uninsured noncitizens are actually eligible for Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or subsidized marketplace coverage. On the other hand, their immigration status blocks about two-thirds of noncitizens from applying.

 According to the research, two-thirds are ineligible because of their immigration status.

According to the study around one-third of non elderly noncitizens also have coverage through their employment. According to these findings, it was determined that the administration would need to take further action in order for eligibility to be expanded enough for these groups.

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