Red State Students Demand Drag Shows

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

( – Texas university students are pushing for the Supreme Court to take emergency action which would give them permission to host charity drag performance at their school. According to their claims blocking them from participating in such events was a violation of the constitutional rights of the students. 

Last year West Texas A&M University President Walter Wendler had to cancel a charity drag event that had been organized by Spectrum WT, an LGBTQ organization that is led by students. In an email that went out to the university community Wendler had claimed that regardless of their intent, drag shows were always “derisive, divisive and demoralizing misogyny.” 

In Mach 21, 2023 in the email sent, Wendler had questioned whether there was any thread of human dignity that was preserved in a drag show and had concluded that he did not think so. His message drew comparisons between drag shows and blackface. He proceeded to also reference his faith as a Christian noting that he would not be hosting any drag shows at the university and that he would not be allowing any one group to diminish another group. 

In the lawsuit filed by the university students, they claimed that what the school and governing body were pushing for was a violation of their First Amendment rights and that they considered it discriminatory that they were not allowed to host any future drag show events on campus. 

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals had previously denied the appeal to expedite the case.

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