Reporter Leaves White House Official Speechless

Photo by Michael Schofield on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was left speechless after a reporter asked him whether he believed that President Biden is “corrupt.”

The exchange took place during the daily White House press briefing when New York Post reporter Steven Nelson stated that there had been a number of developments in the House investigations into Biden and his family’s business dealings lately. This was a reference to the Republican-led House Oversight Committee’s probe into the Biden family.

Nelson proceeded to refer to the committee’s attempts to gain access to an FBI document that allegedly details a criminal scheme that involves then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national and relates to money being exchanged for influence over policy decisions. As he added, an IRS whistleblower also recently alleged that the Department of Justice was being deliberately slow in looking into Hunter Biden’s finances.

He also pointed out that a recent poll found that the majority of American voters believed that the President had been a part of a shady scheme while serving as Vice President. After presenting all these cases, Nelson proceeded to ask Kirby what he would say to the majority of Americans who believed that the President is “corrupt.”

Kirby, in response, just shook his head and said “Wow.” He was then silent for a moment, before stating that this is something the President himself has spoken about and that these claims are unfounded. He added that in regards to the whistleblower and the document the FBI had referred to, and for further information, the question needed to be directed to them.

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