Republican Governor Attack Democrat Over Immigration Lie

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

( – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) spokesperson Andrew Mahaleris in a statement to The Hill called out New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) for lying about the immigrants being transported by buses to other sanctuary cities.

Mahaleris in his statement noted that Adams is fully aware that all of the immigrants being transported to New York were doing so willingly. In fact, he pointed out that during his secret trip to Texas last year he had witnessed firsthand how many people had raised their hand when asked if they wanted to board a bus to New York.

Adams in his recent criticism of Abbott stated that Abbott was targeting only cities that had Black mayors. This statement was made after Abbott announced that he would be resuming his busing operations in five cities. Adams proceeded to claim that those immigrants were being moved to New York “against their will.” However, Abbott’s office was quick to correct the record stating that all migrants signed voluntary consent forms, which are available in multiple languages, before being transported to a different city.

Mahaleris also targeted Adams’s comments about the influx of migrants being too much for a city to handle, by stating that those being transported represented a “fraction” of the migrants that the Texas community had to provide resources for.

He then proceeded to urge Adams to place more pressure on the federal government to secure the border, as that is the only way that the migration crisis can end.

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