Republican Issues Terrifying New Warning About Iran

Treasurer Ron Henson from USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, during an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. John Kennedy (R) argued that the United States needed to provide Israel with its full support and that if they turned their back on the Middle Eastern country they would be facing consequences. 

The Louisiana Senator’s comments came only one day after the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps launched a number of missiles and drones against Israel. As he pointed out their war right now was not with Hamas, or Yemen and Hezbollah, as these were all Iranian surrogates. He continued by saying that in reality, the war was between Israel and Iran. As he noted, Iran hated “Americans” and “Jews” and wanted to kill them. 

The government of Iran has stated that the weapons were part of a retaliatory strike against Israel. The majority of the drones had been intercepted before the targets in Israel had been hit. Iran also argued that the attack on its embassy in Damascus, Syria, which had resulted in many key IRGC officers getting killed, had been Israel’s doing. 

Kennedy slammed President Joe Biden who has recently been pushing for Israel to take more action to protect civilian lives in Gaza, following the start of its war with Hamas after the Oct. 7 attack. He argued that in the past couple of months, the President’s support for Israel has gone “wobbly.” He added that early this morning the White House had leaked to the press that they would not be involved in the response to Iran after the attack. He then pointed out that “more sheep” would not be solving this problem.

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