Top Democrat Mayor Hit With Sexual Assault Charges?

Photo by Jan Folwarczny on Unsplash

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing a new lawsuit that alleges that in the 90s while he was working in the police force, he had demanded that a colleague who was facing job issues could receive his help in exchange for sexual favors. 

Lorna Beach-Mathura, who has brought forward the lawsuit against Adams’, argued that while in the force she had been repeatedly passed over for a promotion. She added that this experience is very common for Black women in the NYPD, especially at the time. In the 90s Adams had been serving as the Transit NYPD Guardians division leader which is why she had reached out to him for assistance. 

However, instead of helping her Adams had reportedly taken advantage of her vulnerable state and had demanded a quid pro quo sexual favor in exchange for his help. He had also sexually assaulted the plaintiff, further showcasing that he was a predator and not a “guardian.”

New York City Corporation Counsel lawyer Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix claimed that these allegations were “ludicrous.” She added that when they were reviewing the complaint the mayor had completely denied the allegations against him as well as the events as they had been recounted. She added that they completely expected to be vindicated in court. 

She also pointed out that Adams in 1993 had been one of the most prominent public opponents of racism within the force, which is what made the suit even more ridiculous as it alleges that he had any control over the promotions of civilian employees. 

Beach-Mathur noted that in the fall of 2023, she had learned about the survivor’s law passed in New York, which allowed people to bring forward the cases of sexual assault they had faced, years after they had occurred. 

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