Trump And RFK Jr. Share One Major Goal

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – The presidential campaign of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is pushing back against the comments that one of their ballot consultants had made as she had stated that Kennedy Jr. ‘s supporters and former President Donald Trump’s supporters had a common enemy in President Biden. 

Rita Palma argued during a talk to non-Biden voters that Kennedy had Biden as their rival, which is something that Trump’s supporters also shared. Palma is focused on ballot access strategies as they are trying to ensure that Kennedy will be included in as many state ballots as possible. 

In the video that was shared from her presentation which used New York as its main focus, Palma argued that Kennedy and Trump voters had a “mutual enemy” in Biden. 

CNN was the first to report the video that had been shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, and distributed among Democrats. 

Palma proceeded to state in her presentation what she thinks is going to help Kennedy get more votes in November, including how he could potentially be awarded the 28 electoral votes in New York to Kennedy rather than the incumbent president. 

She proceeded to detail what would occur if the 270-vote threshold necessary to win the Oval Office is not met by any of the general election candidates. As she said if no one manages to get the 270 votes necessary then it could be left to Congress to select the President. She added that this means that in the case of a Republican Congress Trump would be selected, which would allow them to get rid of President Biden.

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