Why Americans Are Moving To The Border

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – Despite the increase in illegal immigration, many Americans have been making the move to Texas counties.

The U.S.-Mexico border in Texas has largely been turned into a symbol relating to the debate about undocumented individuals. This is even though since March 2021 Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been using Operation Lone Star in order to provide resources and funding for more law enforcement to be present at the border, while also constructing a border wall and blocking access to the country through his state’s border. 

In the 2021 fiscal year there was a 1.05 million increase in border crossings, in 2022 the increase was at 1.33 million while in 2023 the increase was at 1.31 million. From October to January in the 2024 fiscal year, the number of illegal encounters was at 472,800, however, those numbers have dropped by 81,987 in the first two months of 2024. 

The U.S. Census Bureau released new data that showed that nearly all border counties have had a population increase, with the only expectations being Terrell and Zapata. The most recently released data also showed an increase in the state population from around 29.14 million in April 2020 to 30.5 million. 

Terrell County, which is one of the counties in the country that is least populous shares a 54-mile border with the Rio Grande. County’s sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland recently stated that he had worked for two decades as a Border Patrol agent and that this is the largest decrease they have seen in crossings when compared with the past few years.

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