Democrats Prepare To Replace Biden

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

( – Ohio Democrats revealed to the Washington Post that they are increasingly more concerned about President Joe Biden’s age as the 2024 presidential election is approaching.
According to one Ohio Democrat, Sharon Sweda, for octogenarians, such as Biden, death was “imminent.”

Sweda, who is the Lorain County Democratic Party leader, noted that at the current phase of the President’s life, the possibility of passing away is imminent. She added that she often hears from other party voters that they were concerned about Joe Biden’s health.

As she noted it was a “ticking clock” that they were all sitting on, but in cases like Biden’s and Trump’s, their age meant that the clock was going faster, which was a concern for many voters.

A Democratic lawmaker also told the Post that he was scared of the possibility of Biden winning the Democratic nomination and then needing to drop out of the race because he is facing health problems. As they pointed out this was the worst-case scenario for Democrats. They added that should Biden win the 2024 presidential election he would finish his second term at the age of 86.

However, there are other Democrats who do not believe these concerns are valid, especially as former President Donald Trump has a small age difference with Biden, being only three years younger.

According to the most recent polls, the two men continue to be tied up in a possible 2024 matchup. However, Biden’s supporters have claimed that he could take the lead in the race if he managed to overcome the suggestion that he is mostly defined by his age as a Presidential candidate. This is a feeling shared by many voters.

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