Republican Crashes Into Cop Car

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

( – Alethea Shapiro took to X to state that she had witnessed an aggressive driver on Interstate 75 towards Miami who had started tailgating him. The black sports car had allegedly crashed into a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser. Shapiro identified the person in the car as former Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn. 

The incident took place on Monday and as Shapiro recounted she had accelerated and moved to the right lane and in front of a tractor-trailer in order to make space for the car to move by. Only five minutes after that the entire highway came to a stop and she had to swerve to the side in order to ensure that no one would rear-end her.
She continued by arguing that the door of the car opened and a man in a wheelchair had exited. As she navigated around the car she looked around and saw that an officer had exited his rear-ended vehicle and had been holding his neck. 

Shapiro stated that the driver of the car was Cawthorn and even shared a video in which he is shown to be talking with the state trooper. As she wrote she had pulled over to the right lane to stop without getting rear-ended and ask if everyone on site was okay or if anyone required assistance. She added that she could not believe her eyes when it had been Cawthorn whose car had passed by her in what she described as an “angry road rage tantrum.”

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