Biden Family Facing Major New Issue

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In the last few years, several whistleblowers have emerged who have alleged that the Biden administration had deliberately mishandled the federal investigation into Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. The Biden administration has also been accused of politicizing and weaponizing federal law enforcement agencies and shielding all evidence that relates to a “criminal scheme” Joe Biden allegedly participated in during his time as vice president.

Currently, whistleblowers are protected under both federal statute and federal law which protects individuals who come forth with such disclosures. As part of the protocol, whistleblowers are normally required to first go to an immediate supervisor or the supervisor who is in charge of the particular issue. In cases where approaching a supervisor could potentially jeopardize their well-being or the supervisor is a part of the alleged misconduct, the whistleblower is allowed to directly contact the inspector general of the agency, they will then be responsible for approaching Congress where appropriate.

Last month, an IRS employee contacted different Congress committees last month to inform them that the Biden administration had mishandled the federal investigation into Hunter Biden. The committees were contacted through the whistleblower’s attorney Mark Lytle. Protected disclosures were also made internally at the IRS, the inspector general for tax administration at the Treasury Department, and the Justice Department inspector general. The revelations of the whistleblower contradict the testimony given by senior officials to Congress.

In another important case, a whistleblower has claimed that the FBI and Justice Department have in their possession a document that details a criminal scheme involving Joe Biden stemming from his time serving as vice president when he allegedly accepted foreign money for influence over political decisions.

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