Democrat Mayor Forced To Confess Dark Truth About Migrants

Anthony Quintano from Mount Laurel, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams acknowledged that some migrants had reportedly committed crimes and had been a part of what he referred to as a “robbery pattern.”

When Adams was asked by reporters he acknowledged that some migrants in the city were committing crimes. However, as he emphasized it was not just migrants who were doing so, and that all kinds of people were committing crimes. He added that this was not just asylum seekers of migrants, but instead that there were both a number of migrants and non-migrants who were involved in criminal activities.

Adams pointed out that the reason why he was clarifying this was because he did not want anyone to leave the press conference arguing that there has been an increase in crime as a result of the migrants who have come to the city. He added that the increase in grand larceny auto crimes was driven by long-time New Yorkers who were committing those crimes. However, as he pointed out there were some crimes that had been committed by migrants.

As Adams explained officials had identified a robbery pattern that involved migrants, however, that does not mean that all the robberies in the city had been committed by immigrants. He further claimed that the city needed to address the “environment” that might have pushed migrants to be involved in these criminal activities.

He added that as he had stated last week, when people are placed in environments where they are not allowed to work and provide for themselves they just end up sitting around all day which is not a positive scenario.

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