Democrats Holding Migrants Where?

Photo by Fabio Fistarol on Unsplash

( – Chicago’s homeless shelters are not currently able to meet the needs of incoming migrants who are transported by buses from Texas. At the same time, Texas officials are considering further expanding their migrant busing policy.

A report by Reuters pointed out that the lack of available places in shelters has resulted in some migrants needing to spend the night at police stations. Many of those who have been transported by bus from Texas are asylum seekers who have been processed by U.S. border officials and released to the country’s interior while waiting for their asylum claims to be processed.

Texas began busing migrants to Chicago, a Democratic-led sanctuary city, last August. The buses often arrive at the city without much warning or coordination with the local authorities.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has been busing migrants since April 2022, with the first buses being sent to Washington, while later buses were sent to New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Rep. Jesús García (D-Ill.) in a recent statement claimed that Abbot was “playing a cruel political game with the lives of migrants” and that members of the Chicago community were doing important work in order to help assist those who arrive in the city in an attempt to help maintain the city’s reputation as a “city of immigrants.”

He added that still it is obvious that more resources are needed which is why they are currently working with a federal delegation in order to bring more funds into the city in order to support the migrant communities.
On Thursday, Abbott announced that the group of migrants would for the first time be sent to Denver.

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