Haley Tries To Sabotage Trump Again

Glenn Youngkin, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s campaign has referred to former President Donald Trump as a “huge weight” following the Democrat’s recent success in two special elections for the New York House seat that previously belonged to Republican George Santos. 

Olivia Perez-Cubas, the campaign’s spokesperson, argued that it was necessary for them to “say the quiet part out loud” and that the former President was a weight that brought GOP candidates down. This statement was released shortly after the results. As she pointed out despite President Joe Biden’s failings the Republican party has lost a winnable House seat because the majority of voters rejected the former President. She continued by arguing that it was time for the party to wake up or they would end up continuing to lose. 

Perez-Cubas in her comments also stated that it was time for a new generation of conservative leadership to be brought forward. 

Former Rep. Tom Suozzi (D) managed to flip Santos’ seat, winning back his old seat in the House. The seat was up in the special election following Santos’ ousting from the House of Representatives after a lot of controversies regarding his finances. This win is particularly important as it diminishes the already slim majority of the Republican party in the lower chamber. 

Republican Nassau County legislator Mazi Pilip was seeking to win the seat against Suozzi but failed. Following the election results Trump referred to Pilip as a “foolish woman” for having kept her distance from the former President. Pilip serves in New York’s 3rd Congressional District which President Joe Biden won in 2020.

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