Real Reason Justice Thomas Is Being Attacked

Photo by Bill Mason on Unsplash

( – Republican billionaire Harlan Crow is claiming that his friend Clarence Thomas has fallen victim to a “political hit job” following the recent ProPublica report about his lack of financial disclosures of luxury gifts and trips paid for by Crow. Thomas also failed to note in his financial disclosures a real estate deal that he had completed with Crow.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Crow argued that this was a “political hit job” and that it does not make sense for the media to be placing so much attention on Thomas. He added that in his view the media, and particularly ProPublica, is “funded by leftists” and that they have “an agenda to destabilize the court.” He added that their actions were “not truthful” and lacked “integrity.” As he claimed in the past couple of weeks “they’ve done a pretty good job” “of unfairly slamming” both him and Thomas.

ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit news organization, whose initial report showed that Crow had repeatedly paid for Thomas to take multiple luxury vacations over the past two decades. The trips were never reported by the Justice in his financial disclosures. In a follow-up report, they further disclosed that a 2014 real estate deal between the two men was also not disclosed by Thomas.

Stephen Engelberg, ProPublica’s editor-in-chief, revealed to the Dallas Morning News that both Crow and Thomas have been “given detailed, written questions in advance” and that while Thomas had declined to respond, all of Crow’s responses were included fully.

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