Republicans Send Critical Letter To Trump’s Judges

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – Nineteen former Republican Congress members signed an “open letter” in which they raised their concerns about former President Donald Trump and urged the course to move forward with the former criminal cases against him swiftly.

The Bulward reported on the letter, which had been signed by former House representatives, including David Jolly of Florida and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who noted that they were “deeply concerned” that the cases brought forward against Trump would be testing whether the United States was a “nation of laws” or “of men.” They added that there should not be any man standing above the law.

The former Congress members pointed out that the allegations against Trump, which include conspiring to overturn an election and attempting to block the rights of Americans to have their votes counted, were serious charges regardless of who was facing them. They added that they were at the core of the United States’s democracy, especially when the defendant was calling for voters to re-elect him to the White House.

As they noted Trump was “entitled to a fair trial” and the public was entitled to having a “speedy” one. They further wrote that there possibly had not ever been a case with as much public interest “in the swift and fair administration of criminal justice.” This was why they would be joining voices from both sides of the aisle that are pushing for the courts to ensure that Trump would be going to trial soon.

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