Top MAGA Member Loses His Kids

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – Former Member of Donald Trump’s legal team Lin Wood who had been a key part of the legal challenges brought forward by Trump following the 2020 presidential election to overturn the elections, argued that the “devil” was to blame for his estrangement from his four adult children.

In 2021 Wood was sanctioned for his participation in the case in Michigan where the former President challenged his electoral loss without providing any evidence for his claims. In July, Wood was called to relinquish his law license in the state of Georgia. Had he not agreed he could have faced disbarment.

On the day before Thanksgiving, Wood took to the Telegram messaging platform to state that his four adult children had not spoken to him in at least the last three years. He added that tomorrow would be the 4th Thanksgiving, starting in 2020, when none of his four adult children had reached out to him. As he shared his children come from three different marriages.

He added that on Thanksgiving it would also be the 35th birthday of his youngest son Charlie, but that he had not heard from him on his birthday for the last four years.

While Wood did not go into details on what led to the dissolution of his relationship with his children, he claimed that the “Deep State and its operatives” were responsible for this estrangement.

In the message, he added that he deeply loved his children and that he knew his children also loved him back. He then questioned what “evil” could explain the last four years, and added that the only explanation was the “devil and his minions on earth.”

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