DeSantis Reveals Plan To Take Down Trump

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and his allies are preparing to launch a counterattack against former President Donald Trump now that the Republican governor has officially joined the 2024 Republican primary race.

DeSantis is currently behind Trump in the national polls, however, his team has maintained that there is still time to make up ground and that DeSantis’s message of conservatism along with his results in his own states are going to draw in GOP primary voters.

An adviser with Never Back Down, the super-PAC that is supporting DeSantis’s presidential bid, told the Hill that they have been preparing for months and that they have been building up the tactics that have helped make DeSantis’s position stronger than Trump’s. While the Florida governor took some time to announce his decision to run for the White House, now that the announcement has come, his advisers have argued that they are going to jump into the race full force.

Never Back Down is currently preparing a $100 million voter outreach effort and has already started to organize its teams for the first 18 states on the GOP primary calendar. The groups have also been key in finding support for DeSantis in recent months, and earlier this month helped DeSantis get a last-minute crowd during his surprise visit in Des Moines.

For months, Trump has also shown that he considers DeSantis to be the most challenging rival he is facing, which is why he has issued repeated attacks against the Florida governor. These have helped the former President win a 30-point average difference between himself and DeSantis according to the polling averages for the primary race.

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