McCarthy Ditches Trump?

Kevin McCarthy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) avoided answering a question on whether he was going to endorse former President Trump claiming instead that the campaign was still ongoing.

In a recent interview NBC “Meet the Press” anchor Kristen Welker asked McCarthy about why he had not endorsed Trump yet. In response, the former Speaker argued that the campaign was still ongoing and that there was still a possibility he would endorse Trump.

However, Welker quickly interjected and pointed out that Trump had a strong lead in the GOP presidential primary race which he has maintained through the campaign season. Welker used this fact to say that it was clear that Trump was the front-runner and questioned what was making McCarthy wait.

McCarthy argued that currently there were other things he was focused on including the open southern border and the war in the Middle East. He added that he believed Trump was going to be the presidential nominee and that he was going to be reelected. He then noted that President Biden has brought chaos.

When asked whether he was a “MAGA Republican” McCarthy replied that he had always been a conservative Republican.

Following Trump’s exit from the White House in 2021, McCarthy and Trump have continued to have a strong relationship. Trump had also supported McCarthy’s bid for the Speakership in January and had helped McCarthy win the vote after 15 rounds. He had reportedly pushed for McCarthy to be voted in by speaking with other Republican lawmakers both publicly and privately.

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