Small U.S. Towns Overwhelmed With Ugly Issue

Photo by Krista Joy Montgomery on Unsplash

( – Mark Lee Dickson, the director of the anti-abortion group Right to Life of East Texas, has for years spent his time traveling across the U.S. trying to convince local governments to pass abortion bans. In April he arrived at a 4,500-person city on the Utah-Nevada border to call for their local government to pass an abortion ban.

As he informed members of the West Wendover City Council during the meeting there were 65 cities and two counties that had passed similar legislation. While the majority of those cities were in Texas, he did tout their recent success in other states including Virginia, Illinois, and Montana.

This move to convince small towns to adopt abortion bans did not just occur in West Wendover but also in other small cities such as Hobbs, N.M., which are often found close to the border of different states. These places are considered crossroads where many abortion advocates have attempted to establish clinics to assist those who cannot get an abortion in their own state following the restrictions placed after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that had previously protected abortion rights.

Dickson’s anti-abortion proposal has managed to gain traction with West Wendover’s more conservative residents, however, there are also those who are opposing the move toward banning abortions locally.

Currently in Nevada abortions are protected up until the 24th week of pregnancy, while in Utah they are legal until the 18th week of pregnancy.

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