VIDEO: Americans Caught By Surprise By Terrifying Storm

Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash

( – Many videos have been going viral online showing a strong hail storm at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado which resulted in dozens of people being injured. The storm occurred ahead of the scheduled performance of Louis Tomlinson, a former member of the British band One Direction.

Users have taken to social media to share their experiences. One Twitter user, Nicole, shared a video from the storm stating that it was the “scariest night” of her life. She added that when the hail started hitting people she was lucky as she managed to find shelter for both herself and her sister. As she noted the storm caused her to start bleeding and she had huge bumps on her head from the impact.

West Metro Fire and Rescue in Lakewood, Colorado, also posted on Facebook stating that on Wednesday night they responded to the calls for assistance in the Red Rocks Amphitheater. The storm had resulted in many attendees at the concert trying to find cover, as the hail was reportedly the size of a tennis ball. Close to 100 people were injured by the storm, and seven people had to be taken to the local hospitals in order for their cuts and broken bones to be treated by medical professionals. Eighty to ninety people were treated by the Stadium Medical and West Metro paramedics.

On Thursday the amphitheater also responded to the incident, stating that at first the concert had been delayed because of the weather, but the weather soon cleared. Still, the show was postponed.

Tomlinson took to Twitter to state that he was “devastated” about what had occurred and was hoping that everyone was well. He added that he would be back at some point.


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