The One Thing Biden’s White House Is Terrified To Talk About

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, CNN’s John Avlon argued that recent reports have revealed that President Biden is “very obsessed” with the way his son, Hunter Biden, and his allies are being covered. He added that the only reason Biden was not bringing this up is because it would “derail” the conversations.

As Avlon pointed out the Republicans have not been fully able to demonize Joe Biden and by instead demonizing Hunter Biden they are able to balance out some of the troubles and coverage surrounding the Trump family. As he pointed out, the reluctance stems in part from the fact that Biden is choosing to always stick to his only surviving son and is likely to continue doing so. He added that he had privately heard that Joe Biden was heavily focused on what “negative coverage” surrounded his son as he was concerned about it.

The CNN panel further claimed that Hunter Biden was rarely brought up during campaign meetings by the President’s aides as it was considered a rather sensitive topic. A senior aide specifically revealed to CNN that Hunter Biden was not a topic ever addressed during the meetings.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny in his reporting also noted that there were certain Biden aides that were worried about the possibility of this leading to a blind spot as no one was choosing to mention or discuss this during the campaign.

Shane Goldmacher, New York Times reporter revealed to the panel that for the most part the President had selected to be completely quiet on two of the key issues that the country is now facing. The first was former President Donald Trump’s indictments and the second was the probes into Hunter Biden.

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