Kellyanne Conway Pushes Back Against Questions About Her Marriage

White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway was clearly irritated when she slammed usual Trump-friendly commentator Chris Wallace for asking her an “inappropriate” question about her marriage.

“What are you, Oprah now?” Conway said to the Fox News Sunday host after he asked if her husband’s public comments had hurt her marriage. “I mean, what am I, on a couch and you are a psychiatrist? I think it’s a really inappropriate question.”

“That’s the line over which nobody should have crossed,” Conway told Wallace.

During the candid interview with Wallace, which did start out discussing more critical issues facing the country and the Trump administration such as the results of the Mueller Report, and the growing tensions on the US-Mexico border, Wallace made it clear to Conway he was uncomfortably turning to the subject of her marriage.

“Finally, I’m going to get into something I don’t like talking about, I know you don’t talk about, but I have to tell you that when we announced that you are going to be on the show, more people asked me to ask you about this than any other question,” Wallace said.

Twitter War Between Conway’s Husband and Trump

Wallace pointed to the “Twitter War” between Conway’s spouse and the president which escalated this past month when George Conway made comments in which he called the president a liar, a victim of “narcissistic personality disorder” and unfit for office. Wallace then followed that with a clip of Trump calling her husband a “whack job” who is “doing a tremendous disservice to a wife and family.”

“Why is your husband attacking your boss?” Wallace asked.

“Well, you could ask my husband. But it doesn’t affect my job,” she replied.

Wallace asked Conway if she thought her husband was “cyberbullying” her to drive her to quit. “Do you think he’s jealous of your high-profile?” he asked.

“Some people think that,” she said. “My first line of protection in this world is and will always be my four children. So, I don’t really like to discuss this publicly.”

Trump has suggested that the main reason for George Conway’s attitude towards him is sour grapes and that he is holding a grudge after Trump rejected him for a job in the administration. But George Conway has said it was he who withdrew his name from consideration, and Kellyanne Conway confirmed her husband’s version of events in her interview with Wallace.

Wallace Apologizes to Kellyanne Conway

“George was very supportive of President Trump, cried on election night in his MAGA hat,” she said. She added that he “wanted to take a job in the Trump administration and changed his mind.”

“And when he withdrew his name, he said he would still support the president and his agenda and, quote, ‘his wonderful wife’s work,'” she said. “So, if that’s changed, I haven’t changed.”

It was after Wallace asked about their four children having to watch “their mom and dad fighting out in public” and the impact on their marriage, that Conway became more offended at Wallace’s “very personal question.”

“I think people knew they crossed the line when they’re talking about people’s marriages,” she said. “My family has a right to their private life, also.”
“If I offended you, I’m sorry,” Wallace said at the close of the interview.

“I’m sure. Thank you,” she replied.