From its introduction in Congress, the Affordable Care Act (nee Obamacare) has been the subject of controversy.  It was sold to the public – and to a lot of members of Congress – on the improbable promises that all the uninsured would get good health coverage at a low cost – and any one could keep their doctor.  None of that turned out to be true.

To make it even marginally viable, the law had to force everyone to purchase an Obamacare health plan or face a fine.  The less they could afford, the worse the coverage and the higher the deductible.  In some cases, the annual deductible was so high – up to $6000 dollars – that a healthy young person would have zero coverage for normal health needs – like a bout of the flu or a broken arm.

While it promised health coverage for all, it expanded to less than half of the estimated 30 million Americans without insurance.  And the promise that you could keep your doctor was proven to be false as many doctors simply refused to take Obamacare patients.  Why?  Because many could not pay the deductible and Uncle Sam is a very slow payer.  It is the same reason not every doctor will take Medicate and Medicaid patients.

No promise was more disingenuous than the assurance that premiums would be low and reasonable.  Thanks to economist Robert Genetski, we can now know just how badly we the people were deceived by President Obama and his team of advisors.  This was not a mistake or an unanticipated outcome.  Obama’s senior advisor, Jonathan Gruber, later admitted that they had lied … yep, told a whopper … in order to get Obamacare passed.

Genetski recently did a formal economic analysis of Obamacare’s impact on insurance premiums.  It is worse that we thought.  The first paragraph of his report is a stunner.  He reads:

“An analysis of health insurance premiums, out of pocket expenses and deductibles indicates the Affordable Care Act (aka, ACA or Obamacare) has added $10,000 a year or more to the average family’s cost of health insurance.”

The report went on to say:

“Once the ACA was fully implemented, its impact increased the total annual cost of health insurance to individuals by $3,400 to $4,400 and to families by $10,000 to $12,000.”

According to Genetski’s report, “The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates the average premium for the most popular individual Obamacare policy increased by 182% from 2013 to 2018.”

When Obamacare took effect in 2013, the average annual premium for a family was approximately $5,000.  In a normal trajectory – not impacted by Obamacare – the 2014 average annual premium would have been in the $5,200 range.  But because of Obamacare, it soared to $7,000 per year.  If you look at 2018, the normal increase would have had the average family premium in the $6,200 range.  But thanks to Obamacare, the 2018 figure is a whopping $14,000 per year.

Thanks to Democrat obstructionism and Republican ineffectiveness, the frequent promise to repeal and replace the Obamacare failed to be realized.  The removal of the mandate requiring the purchase or facing a penalty was a step in the right direction.  Despite the political fighting, Obamacare will be replaced some day because it is currently economically not viable or sustainable.  It will crash at some point in the future – and then even its defenders will have to concede defeat

We were famously told by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that we would have to pass the legislation to see what is in it.  We did and we can now see what is in it – and it is not a pretty picture.

So, there ‘tis.

20 thoughts on “RIP ObamaCare”
  1. repugnants are such evil people. they should not be allowed to continue to live in our country. If the deplorables had signed up for The Affordable Care Act instead of paying more for less coverage and blaming president Obama or just not having insurance and going to emergency rooms if they had a problem the claims would have been accurate. Americans sign up for car insurance that most never use but they have it if they ever need it. They have to do that to drive. Righties were just too dumb to see that The Affordable Care Act was modeled on the same principle. Insurance costs so much because the insurance companies take too much of the premiums. They have no product get them out of the process. Greedy republicans are ruining America.

  2. And you thin k the Tooth Fairy will take care of your dental and the Easter Bunny will stop by and see you in a couple months…also I bet you think cupid will fix your broken heart, because the reality is Obama care won’t fix anything and if you think some sort of socialized medical where those who pay for it aren’t the ones using it is the answer, then have fun with the Easter Bunny

  3. Will someone please advise me who is responsible for sending a 55 year old man and terminal very soon from brain cancer kicked out of the hospital. The only recourse this very sick and suffering man was able to acquire from a Hospital Representative was go to a Hospic Facility costing at least $8,000 a month. His mother is in her late 80s and can not be able to care for her son’s daily needs. I believe he only has a week to two weeks, if that long to live. Finally he was able to get into a Hospice group home @ $4,000 a month and was given a lower rate than the Normal cost by the group home. I’m not in any way related to or even know this man. Information given to me within the past few days was through a distant friend. This is a HORRIFIC PATHETIC way to end a life. There is no compassion. I’m sick and angry at how our Government is allowing end of life patients to suffer without any help open to them. Is this the fault of Insurance Companies or the Hospitals? Why would you kick a human being this sick and expected to have less than 2 weeks to live, out of a hospital when he had insurance to pay for his last remaining days of life. I want answers from either hospital administrators or the money grabbing insurance companies!

  4. Health insurance is no different than all the other insurances. First, they do not cover everything 100%. Health insurance was originally designed to cover the catastrophe medical needs. Everyone should be able to take care of the little health issues themselves. Then years later, the bright idea from the health insurance companies were to design a health policy that would pay for all the little things. They wanted the policy to be “User friendly”. Well, being that is the case, people fell for it quickly. Thus health claims increased drastically and then premiums increased even more. What if your auto insurance was made “user friendly”, the very same thing would occur. No one would be able to afford auto insurance. Auto insurance is high enough as it is, can you imagine if everyone would file a claim for every little thing. Health insurance companies started the HMOs, PPOs, etc. This is why the policies are so expensive now even with the high deductibles. WE caused our own problems when we went to that system. WE wanted a “User Friendly” policy. Now, no one can afford health insurance. So, the government came out with gov’t health insurance. The government now has control of the people. What is that called? Anyone ever hear of “SOCIALISM”? Have you ever heard of the government doing anything right or cheap? There was a time many years ago that a health insurance policy was designed and written for people who wanted just the catastrophe hospital only type policy which included certain coverage for major “out of hospital” illnesses such as cancer. That policy was so very inexpensive that anyone could possibly afford it. We need policies today to be designed and structured just that way. Now, of course, there are many people who cannot afford any type of policy. Well, maybe then, the government could issue a limited type policy to cover those people. It would be a hell of a lot less expensive to do it that way than to force everyone to take a government controlled policy. Remember, this country was established for people to have the freedom to choose. When the government forces everyone to have health insurance and provide it for them, then our freedom is taken away. Then, we all become “SLAVES” to the government.

  5. It also seems to have done the job of lowering life expectancy. When one tries to define something too closely, you find people pushing the edge to cause a negative result.

    Passage of any law encourages people to find a way not to follow that law or thwart the outcome the law tries to promote.

  6. You are a big idiot. Those who abuse ER’s aren’t those who pay for insurance. It’s abused by those who are covered by Medicaid. And guess which party would best be represented by? Yep you guessed it, Democrats. They refuse to go to their primary care providers for care and they abuse the ER for common illnesses the typical person would even be seen for such as colds. Why? Because they know if the Tylenol or ibuprofen prescription is ordered by a doctor, then Medicaid must pay for it. Yeah, I actually do know what I’m talking about as I am ER nurse. Also would point out the obvious you willfully overlooked. Your great leader and idiot Nancy Pelosi, famous last words have come back to bite her in the butt, “we must pass it to know what’s in it.” We’ll you idiots passed it and anyone with an IQ over 80 already knew what was going to happen. Healthcare cost rose and you couldn’t keep your doctor as promised by your other faithful leader Mr Obama, do you remember his infamous words? “If you like your doctor you can keep them”? He flat out lied as doctor were quick to point out they would not accept Obamacare. As far as your assertion that Republicans refused to signup for Obamacare, another flat out falsehood. Obamacare’s only hope for viability was in young people signing up for it. It was easier and cheaper for them to pay the fine as opposed to signup for healthcare insurance they not only didn’t want, but was more expensive than paying the fine. You need to grow a brain and use it instead of relying on liars such as Ms Pelosi and Mr Obama and their advisors who blatantly lied to get the Democrat initiative the had campaigned for passed. You were lied too and you’re too stupid to realize it even with all the fact staring you directly in your face.

  7. You are joking? Right? Do you remember the professor from MIT that said the reason for obamacare was to take 1/6 of the economy and start the way to socialism. Here’s so of his words. Meet Jonathan Gruber, a professor at MIT and an architect of Obamacare. During a panel event last year about how the legislation passed, turning over a sixth of the U.S. economy to the government, Gruber admitted that the Obama administration went through “tortuous” measures to keep the facts about the legislation from the American people, including covering up the redistribution of wealth from the healthy to the sick in the legislation that Obamacare is in fact a tax. The video of his comments just recently surfaced ahead of the second open enrollment period for Obamacare at This article is from 2014. So, you really believe that the republicans did this. You need to do so research before you make statements like this. And by the way, there is virtually no difference between republicans and dems at this level in government, their both out to enslave US.

  8. barack obamas Obamacare was ruled by a federal judge was ruled as illegal and unconstitutional according to one federal judge . he and the democrats and the dumb-ass bimbo nanci Pelosi said we’ll have to pass this bill to find out what all was in it. these jackasses never even had one republican vote. these asshole democrats rammed Obamacare down the American peoples throats with zero republican votes at all. that is why a federal judge ruled Obamacare as illegal and unconstitutional both.

  9. You seriously are out off touch. I’m a single,self employed and since Obama came, totally screwed my life with this insurance! It cost me nearly 800 a month I have a $12,500 deductible oh, I can’t go to the doctor! I need surgery and I’m trying hard to put it off until I reach 65!! And this is when Obama got in so don’t go telling me it’s the Republicans fault! this was all done to destroy the independent insurance companies in this country to make it collapse so that we can have socialized medicine which doesn’t work anywhere and definitely with the population of the United States will not work here!

  10. James Cerullo: Just a few points…Vladimir Lenin – the FATHER OF THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION – said it well: “socialized medicine is the keystone in the arch of the socialized state.” Communism is “wealth redistribution” taking from those who earned it and then giving what was taken to those who didn’t earn it.
    With Communism everyone gets the same things in the same amounts EXCEPT that no one ever gets enough of anything – save for the elites who use force and or propaganda to take what they want while enslaving others into generational impoverishment. Communism SHRINKS what it touches. Communism uses a convoluted sense of equality especially since there is no such thing as equality. What exists is uniqueness. Being economically self-sufficient [so that citizens are not drags and drains on their neighbors] is central to a country founded on the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM COERCIVE BIG GOVERNMENT. We were NOT founded on the DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE ON COERCIVE BIG GOVERNMENT. When CHARITY is coerced, it ceases to be charity and becomes theft. Anyone who doesn’t own a car; a truck; or a motor cycle should never be forced to pay for the funding of those who do own and use such vehicles. Charity means leading or driving the so called poor out poverty not making them easy and comfortable in poverty at the perpetual expense of others.

  11. You must be one of those oscumma followers .
    My little government check will never go the extotion tactics of Obummer to line his pockets with $400,000,000 in royalties for using his name on the so called ACA..THAT IS WHY WHEN HIS EXTORTION LETTER ARRIVED WITH A FORM AND SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE I VERY QUICKLY SENT IT BACK WITH THIS MESSAGE…

  12. Obviously a die hard liberal, didn’t read the article, incapable of dealing with reality. Obamacare was a lie from day one, a bad deal for everyone, and its death is something to look forward to. What’s ruining America is liberals who cannot understand facts and live in a world of unicorns and rainbows.

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