Why Republicans stick with Trump

One of the central themes within the anti-Trump news media is the issue of Republicans – especially conservatives and evangelicals – who stick with President Trump.  This issue is strategically designed to use Trump to wipe Republicans out of office across the board.

That is the proper mission of the Democratic Party.  That is the nature of politics.  You want your team to win.  What has corrupted the process is the so-called news media becoming largely the communications wing of the increasingly left-wing Democratic Party.  They have abrogated all devotion of journalism principles, ethics, and traditions to serve as the propaganda vehicle of the progressive authoritarian class – a key component of the unprecedented effort to obstruct a duly-elected President of the United States under the banner of a #NeverTrump Resistance Movement.

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That Movement, however, barely conceals its true purpose.  It is to segue hatred for Trump into a broad-brush public enmity for Republicans in general – and conservatives more specifically.  And yet the left agonizingly ponders why it is that so many Republicans – 90 percent according to recent polls – stick with Trump.

Folks appearing on left-wing media pretend to not know the reason, even though they do.  It is just that the reason does not comport with their anti-Republican strategy to demonize literally half of America.  Rather they utilize their self-righteous arrogance to discourage, intimidate and shame all those who do not accept their partisan views and mendacious narratives.

Many on the left pay lip service to “listening” to the American people – especially after their shock and dismay over the 2016 election that they – in all their self-proclaimed wisdom – never saw coming.

So, what is the reality of Trump’s hold on his voters that seems to elude the left at every turn?  It deserves a detailed response even though there is a very simple overarching reason – that being, we like you on the left even less.  We fear you and your policies more than Trump and his faults.

The left should ponder that for one moment.  With all the criticism thrown at Trump – and some even deserved – we would still struggle through with Trump rather than have you and your kind in control of the government and our lives.  It is the reason that the leaders on the other side of the aisle – and more specifically on the radical left – are actually less popular than Trump.

Of course, those polls do not get reported in the left-leaning media.  Thanks to their one-sided reporting, trust in the American news media is at an all-time low.  The ratings and circulation of the left-leaning press are tanking while more traditional and more balanced news outlets are either holding firm or growing.

One answer to your question of Republican loyalty to Trump is that we the people are NOT so easily fooled by your partisan reporting and biased interpretations of events.  Your ginned up hyperbolic outrage at Trump and Republicans who do not pile on is itself, outrageous.  Your credibility is no better than his.

Most Republicans stick with Trump – warts and all – because he better represents the direction we want for America.  Yes, it is that old issue of personality versus policy.  You might be surprised that many Republicans and conservatives do not like Trump as a person.  You have made the case that he is petty, pugnacious, needlessly pugilistic, braggadocious and too often fact challenged.  Believe it or not, we get that part.

BUT – and that is a BIG BUTT – we see what he is DOING policy-wise – and even more important, what you on the extreme left WOULD DO if elected.  In our view, the policy will trump politics at every turn.  Your devotion to the personality is petty politics – and downright hypocritical.

From day one, I have publicly expressed my wish that Trump was more like President Reagan.  Just because I did not get my wish, however, does not mean that I will abandon life-long conservative beliefs to empower people with an ideology that I believe to be an existential danger to the Republic and to future generations.

Like many of my Republican and conservative friends, we see and lament Trump’s personality flaws, but they are not nearly as bad as your exaggerated interpretations of them.  We also see through your consistently negative and highly dishonest spin.  You doth complain too much – and thereby lose your own credibility.

And what we do despise about you on the left – and especially the Republican-hating cronies of the Fourth Estate – is how you so dishonestly demonizes us as racists, xenophobes, sexists, etc., etc., etc.  It is character assassination of the worst kind – and when it comes to public figures who refuse to jump on your hate-the-right wagon, you engage in the unethical enterprise of the politics personal destruction.

Perhaps you on the strident left should be embarrassed to know that despite all of Trump’s faults, we dislike and distrust you even more.  Ponder that for a moment.  THAT is why so many good and decent Americans stick with Trump.  It is YOUR fault.

So, there ‘tis.