The Second Annual Goebbels Award … this year

I have taken upon myself to present a dubious honor award to the most outrageous example of media propaganda – named after Adolph Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.  He was famous for declaring that the bigger the lie and the more it is repeated, the more it will become accepted by the public.

I reserve the Goebbels Propaganda Award for the media because all politicians are propagandists by nature.  The news media, however, is supposed to provide the balance.  When the Fourth Estate goes off the ethical rails, America has a problem.  Unfortunately, there is sooooooo much propaganda being issued by the liberal mainstream press that I must ignore the everyday biased coverage and save the Goebbels Award for the most extreme and egregious.

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This year’s award (the second so far this year, by the way) goes to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.  She is not a news person – or even a legitimate news analyst.  She has a program that makes no pretense of fairness and balance.  She is a radical left-wing opinion commentator.  Nothing wrong with that in principle.  Opinion becomes propaganda when the information is designed to deceive.  When it puts political objective ahead of principle.

As a person with access to a large media platform, we should expect honesty in the presentation of even strong partisan opinions.  What got Maddow the Award was her appearance on “The View.”  She was there to peddle her new book, which we’ll not name.  Not the type of fiction I care to promote.

At the onset of the interview, Maddow was asked why conservative media is kicking the butt of the liberal offerings.  According to Maddow, the answer is that conservative media focuses in on a specific community – tell them to “believe us and no one else … everyone else is against you … you should not read the paper … not trust any other sources of news”  I listen to a lot of conservative media and I do not recall that mantra.

She alleges that MSNBC is open to divergent opinions.  WHAT?  That is a PROVABLE lie.  I have often encouraged readers to do their own survey to see which of the major cable news sources presents both sides.  FOX News wins hands down.  In fact, MSNBC is the least balanced and most extreme in their coverage.

Maddow defended MSNBC by saying that they always “bring on people from different papers.”  Perhaps true, but not people with different points-of-view.  You never see people like me on MSNBC.

In keeping with the ongoing deplorable theme, “The View’s” Joy Behar explained that conservative media offers up a “more simplistic view.”  This from the person who has proven herself to be the biggest mouth and smallest brain on the show.  Behar had started the show by calling Trump a “national embarrassment and proceeding to chant “Put him in a home.  Put him in a home.”  Yep! That from the woman who would later call conservatives “simplistic.”

Maddow believes that the success of conservative media is because THEY are  “more of a political operation.”  She claims that Roger Ailes – the longtime head of FOX – was “running a political operation to get Republicans elected.”  Conversely, according to Maddow … and get ready for this whopper … “the people running MSNBC are not running a constant political campaign.  They’re just running a tv product.”

“When you don’t have that ideological drive, you end up running a different network,” Maddow added.

It was at that moment that I knew Maddow had cinched a Goebbels Award.

As is predictable, Maddow stuck with all the MSNBC left-wing propaganda narratives.  She defended Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s fake Trump quote — something even liberal (real) journalists did not do.  She claimed that Schiff was actually “very reticent about impeachment.”  That is like saying Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is skeptical of climate change.

When pressed about the unpopularity of the news media among the general public, Maddow said it was all Trump’s fault – even though the public opinion of the media has been in the toilet long before Trump.  Trump does not mobilize public opinion against the liberal media.  He takes advantage of it.  Contrary to Maddow’s assertions, is the liberal media’s failure to be fair and balanced that has made the conservative counterparts much more popular with the public.

When asked about the possible involvement of Vice President Pence in the Ukrainian matter, Maddow began by saying, “If he gets impeached too … “  To which Behar gleefully finished the sentence with “…its President Pelosi.”  That sounds a lot like a coup.

And now, I present the Goebbels Award to (drum roll please) Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.

So, there ‘tis.