The FBI has revealed that prior to the emergence of the coronavirus, Chinese nationals were caught trying to sneak a “biological agent” into the US!

An intelligence bulletin from the FBI that was sent out towards the end of 2019, warned of a growing “biosecurity” threat within the United States after Chinese nationals were caught attempting to sneak potentially dangerous viruses into the country by plane.

The “tactical intelligence report” from the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate assessed in November that “foreign scientific researchers who transport undeclared and undocumented biological materials into the U.S. in personal carry-on and/or checked luggage almost certainly present U.S. biosecurity and biosafety risks,” according to the unclassified document obtained which was first obtained and reported on by Yahoo News.

Even when these samples were declared, investigators warned, “It is impossible to determine, without testing, the validity of the contents of the samples and if they pose a risk to U.S. human, animal, or plant populations.”

The bureau’s Chemical and Biological Intelligence Unit pointed to at least three separate instances in 2018 and 2019 where Chinese nationals tried to bring undeclared samples of bacteria and viruses, some of them potentially highly dangerous, into the U.S.

All of the failed attempts were stopped by Customs and Border Protection at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

One of the incidents took place only a few months before the coronavirus outbreak first appeared in Wuhan, China. The U.S. intelligence community believes the Chinese lied about the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak for months and to this day is covering up the real number of cases and deaths in China.

The citied FBI report  said that in September a Chinese national was stopped after he “initially made no positive declarations, but was later found to have eight vials of clear liquid in their checked luggage.” The bureau noted that “the vials had no supporting documentation.” The Chinese national claimed that it was “DNA … derived from a low-pathogenicity strain of H9N2,” which was a flu-type virus that killed a small number in Asia. But some vials had “WSN” handwritten on top, an acronym for the H1N1 influenza virus commonly known as swine flu, which killed over 12,000 in the U.S. and more globally. The bureau said that “the materials were confiscated” and that the unnamed person was allowed to travel to Texas “to work with a researcher associated with” an unnamed “U.S. research institution.”

The bureau advisory also recounted how, in November 2018, another Chinese national was found with three vials labeled “antibodies” in his luggage. The person identified himself as a “biologist” but “had not declared the materials” and “did not have appropriate documentation for the items.”

FBI investigators further noted that, in May 2018, a Chinese national was stopped. This person claimed to be “a breast cancer researcher in Texas” who “was not traveling with any biological products.” But, upon further inspection, the person admitted to be “possibly traveling with plasmids,” a type of extrachromosomal DNA.

He was found to have one “centrifuge tube” in his checked bag, saying it was “non-infectious E. Coli bacteria-derived plasmids.” The bureau said the Chinese national was “unable to provide any accompanying documentation or permits,” so the U.S. officials put the centrifuge on an “agricultural hold” and let him go.

These incidents have been revealed, just as concerns about China being involved in “biological espionage” targeting the US are growing.

In January, the Justice Department announced Charles Lieber, the chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department, was charged with one count of “making a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement” about his connections to China’s Thousand Talents Program, which the FBI has deemed a Chinese form of “nontraditional espionage.”

The Justice Department simultaneously announced charges against two Chinese nationals.

Zaosong Zheng was a Chinese researcher arrested in December and accused of trying to smuggle vials of cancer cells out of the U.S. The FBI claimed that Zheng stole the vials from a laboratory at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He was charged with making false statements to investigators.

This all as theories about the true origins of COVID-19 and the intentions of China continue to circulate.

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  3. Now I di not see one mention here that the Convid virus was sent to China, Australia and others from the USA for lab experiments. Now I just wonder why that was never mentioned, could it be that it was not politically advantagious to the writer of this article.

  4. When this virus pandemic is OVER, anyone with a Chinese passport MUST UNDERGO a 14 day isolation before entering the general public. China IS an enemy of this country and must be treated as such. Those Chinese nationals currently in this country if and when they leave America MUST also have a 14 day isolation period. It’s time to STOP TRAINING our enemies!!

  5. I think the Chinese government planned
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