Friday on CNN’s “New Day” during a segment titled “Pulse of the People,” anchor Alisyn Camerota spoke with three supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden and three supporters of President Donald Trump.

Florida voter Sean Roberts said, “I think the president is making every effort to do his best for people of color and people that are not of color. We can help the current president make things better for all of us. So I just think that the president is bringing us together because, you know, go to his events and when I go to those events I feel comfortable. I don’t feel threatened and basically, what he is saying is that you know, let’s make our country that we all live in great. That’s including everyone.”

Trump supporter and California voter Alexis Frost Cazimero said, “I think he’s doing a phenomenal job and he has my vote. Absolutely.”

Camerota asked, “But what part is he doing a phenomenal job on?”

Cazimero said, “That he fights for my rights so I can most definitely make my own decisions. That’s my number one thing, like, I feel like here in California, a lot of things have been stripped, a lot of my rights have been stripped. For instance, like about the masks, of course, yeah, you should wear masks and why isn’t he wearing a mask? Well, that’s his opinion, right? Isn’t that his choice?”

Camerota asked, “Though you wore masks because you are conscientious about your neighbors, you want the freedom to not wear a mask?”

Cazimero said, “Yeah. Yes. Yes. I don’t want it to be such like a, you have to, and it’s like a bad thing if you don’t.”

Connecticut voter Dan Carter said, “I think my top issue really is about the economy, specifically my economy and my state. Because you know I look at what Biden is proposing on the tax increases on the wealthy, it’s all about soaking the rich.”

7 thoughts on “Why Do You Support President Trump?”
  1. It’s as clear as can be, he is for everything that’s right for our country, just the opposite of the Democrats who line up with those that hat America like Schumer, Schiff, nadler, etc. he MUST be re-elected to save our country.

  2. I feel Trump is the Savior of our country. Democrats are trying to turn our country into a Communist regime. They have no patriotism or love of our flag, morals or country. Trump loves the USA. He takes no salary, is in no one’s pocket and put’s up with unGodly abuse from congress and the media. God save our President.

  3. Adjectives for POTUS are surfeit of outstanding, stellar, solid, sound, pragmatic, common sensensical, utile, pro-active, practical, proletarian in most many ways in a brief 4 eclat years.,

  4. Why not – can’t vote for a brain dead candidate and his whore VP pick who is worse example for my daughtef

  5. If only the delusional democrats could keep their word just one time , but they don’t . Joe is to worse then hillary was as far as lying gos . He can’t remember who said what . He saids stupid stuff then trys to say trump said it . For one that can’t remember what he’s running for , isn’t my choice to running the country . And the fact that he picked one to get black votes saids all I need to know about What he really plans if elected . They say trump is trying to turn black to vote for him … isn’t that what the delusional democrats are doing to keep black votes . His pick for VP isn’t qualify for that job . But that doesn’t matter as long as he gets black votes . Like every other delusional democrats running for office they say what they think is wrong with the country and who to blame for it , while never doing a damn thing to fix the real problems in our country to help the people . But they sure do help themself’s tho with raises and better benafits for them and their family . I see their also adding 27 millon to welfare to help the people living in their states . So that means the people who are burning , looting and killing will still get payed while doing the delusional democrats dirty work . And those on welfare will get payed for doing nothing at home or else where and think about who feeds them while sitting on their fat ass’s . you can see who their voting for … pay for votes . So whos trying to get the black votes ??? Our president already showed what he can do to help fix the country , even with the delusional democrats all over his ass he gets the job done . Why aren’t the delusional democrats trying to get our country fixed like trump is , instead of trying to destroy our country like they are . That’s the right question to ask . If you can answer that question for me … please explain it to me .

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