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Teacher Tells Students Capitalism Caused Coronavirus

A District of Columbia public school teacher encouraged students to blame the coronavirus pandemic on racism and capitalism instead of China, according to a lesson plan obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Hardy Middle School teacher Caneisha Mills had her students host a “People’s Tribunal on the Coronavirus Pandemic,” whose “defendants” included racism, capitalism, and the United States government.

“I wanted to … point out that the capitalist system was behind the pain, trauma, isolation, and destitution [my students] were facing,” Mills said. “Capitalism, racism, and the U.S. government left us to die.”

As part of the tribunal, students had to answer a series of leading questions about America’s coronavirus response. “How does capitalism in the United States cause crises like the coronavirus and the flu pandemic of 1918,” one question asked. “If the government and capitalist system are guilty, what should be the ‘sentence’?”

The worksheet given to the students also applauded China for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic without mentioning its authoritarian political system. China took “exactly the measures that a government should take in times of crisis,” a handout for the exercise claimed, and “donated tons of medical supplies … to the United States.”

Mills uploaded her lesson plan to the Zinn Education Project, a group named after the well-known socialist academic Howard Zinn. It boasts a following of more than 110,000 teachers and claims to be a “leading resource” in education. Noam Chomsky is among the supporters of the project.

Mills said the exercise drew inspiration from the Black Panthers, an anti-capitalist, black nationalist group founded in 1966. The Black Panthers’ stated objectives include the release of all black people from prisons and the creation of a black-only colony.

According to Mills, her students “wanted to put Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and all members of the federal government in jail” for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The public school teacher said she felt assured by her students’ desire to “fight against a racist capitalist system that harms us all.”

Hardy Middle School did not respond to a request for comment.



  1. She should be fired. She’s another Marxist wanting to board up peoples doors for having COVID like China does.

  2. This racist IDIOT should be put in jail——————-IMMEDIATELY !! To think our children are exposed to this kind of INDOCTRINATION on a daily basis as part of their “education” is beyond belief !!

  3. I’ll bet Caneisha Mills is a black ignoramus and a racist. HOW does she even have a job if that’s her ideology? Who hires these leftist fools? Other racist fools. No wonder a large segment of HER demographic strata are hopelessly unsuccessful and end up working for government, further rotting our country from the inside. She’s stupid.

  4. The article doesn’t mention why Mills believes racism, capitalism, and the government are responsible. She might as well blame it on the sun, moon, and the deep blue sea.

  5. She should be fired ASAP- probably a commie. Teachers should be screened before hiring and those passing on antiUS rhetoric should be canned. Stop turning kids into commies!

  6. Emboldened by the theft of the presidential election the left not only wants to rewrite history, it wants to rewrite reality. All the more reason to homeschool your children if possible.

  7. Are you kidding me? Is this the kind of teaching our children would be forced to sit thru? This is what the supposed new team is bringing to our Gov., more hate, within our own country. This woman should be fired & her teaching license revoked.

  8. Any learned individual may infer from the teacher’s name and where in the nation she is teaching how it is she has come to her conclusions about Capitalism. Though I believe in capitalism as a means of using resources to bring prosperity to the most people, I can also see how “a rising tide” really affects all ships.

    There appears to be biased enough handling within our Capitalism that allows some to become very, very wealthy while most remain paycheck to paycheck and deep in debt, including our own prosperous nation saddled with $32 trillion itself. When billionaires make market moves to save their holdings, the moves typically damage the financial security of millions, as in moving from the dollar into gold. There is a great hazard within the concentration of wealth, left to a small group of “it’s all mine” magnates.

    What else could China do but retaliate against western Capitalism when much was being done to shift market share away from Made in China everything as global commerce has been for thirty years. Before our President decided to re-balance trade to more equitable fairness for the US economy, he and his economic experts should have looked more closely at what China could do TO us in retaliation.

    The Globalists and the China figured out the one way to bring about a one-sided world war to ruin economies, cultures and end lives early with mishandling a virus. The time has come to assure that there is absolutely no new releasing of virus anywhere and then to charge for certain all those associated with such intentional retaliation with a $550 trillion class-action suit. Additionally, by 14th Amendment, Section 4 law, tax-payers have a right to refuse national debt that has been put into place to enslave us financially should it be proven to have been for the purposes of insurrection, to ruin this country.

    I believe the teacher makes a point. Those of us who believe in capitalism don’t quite understand the Global Capitalism of the free-of-debt world banks and some nations who have trillions to lend countries like our own.

  9. This teacher needs to read the Bible but we all know she isn’t about to change her thinking. She also should be fired and never be able to teach children again

  10. This is an example of why I never did send my kids to public school. These far left America hating ignorant, uneducated but indoctrinated people should never pretend to be educators.

  11. There should be punitive measures administered to H.Mills for teaching such decisive, opinionated crap to her students! No wonder here why violence reigns.

  12. I have the solution for that teacher and others thinking that way, she needs to understand that not the majority of the people likes to live without freedom and under a totalitarian regime, but obviously she loves it, so, she should go to live to China, Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea, she’s not needed in a country where most of the people loves freedom and many comes looking for freedom and parents don’t need their children brainwashed by a dark ideology. The only issue is that for sure she’ll come back to USA after a few months…

  13. And this is why I voted republican . Not because I love trump but because I don’t believe in communism. This teacher is a racist and should be fired

  14. If the Republicans remain in power they should start replacing all the teachers who refuse to teach our children the truth about our history and stop brainwashing our children . If I were to start over today I would home school my kids, I wouldn’t let near a public or private school. Especially college.

  15. Wow !! Of course the kids wanted to put the POTUS and VP in jail. This teacher is manipulating and indoctrinating those poor kids.

  16. I agree. When our country was still sane, this Marxist idiot would have been made redundant quickly. As for an all black “colony” , it’s called LIBERIA. No, none of the crap that all felons can just come and go from our society. Empty the jails, and send them all off to Liberia with no reentry to the U.S., if they are free of any criminal records


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