A teacher at a top private school who did sexual acts with a pupil over a two year period was jailed today for 27 months.

Nicola Park, 42, engaged in sexual acts with the student, 15, for over two years between 2016 and 2019 before contact ended when the teen moved to university in 2020.

Park’s marriage had fallen apart during the period and the relations began after the student had reached out to Park for help with a personal issue.

Their rendezvous included encounters at Park’s home – with the teacher calling the girl ‘my angel’.

The acts were revealed when the student told her doctor about it – leading to a police probe and officers searching Park’s home. 

Officers made a number of discoveries linking the pair including photos of a ‘sexual nature’.

She pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to engaging in a sexual relationship with the pupil while in a position of trust between December 9 2016 and April 14 2019.

Sheriff John McCormick told her: ‘This was not a momentary lapse in an otherwise unblemished career in teaching.

‘This was abuse of trust of a teacher in her late 30s with an adolescent young female that included kissing, touching and engaging in sexual acts.

‘You were a teacher and it was you who was in a position of responsibility and trust.

‘Such is the gravity of the offence, the time it occurred and the professional role as a teacher at the school, in my opinion there is no alternative to a custodial sentence.’

Park, of Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire, was also put on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

Her details were also passed to the authorities stating that she is ‘unsuitable to work with children.’

The teacher was assistant housemistress at the school while also teaching maths and social education.

In December 2016, the girl became upset and spoke to Park after complaining of feeling ‘alone’.

Prosecutor Jennifer McKee told the court: ‘She said Park would not understand how she felt.

‘She replied that she did understand having recently separated from her husband.

‘Park offered the girl support which helped her cope with how she was feeling.’

The teacher said the teenager could contact her outside school hours.

Regular emails were then exchanged including on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Park went on to call herself ‘Auntie Nic’ and would sign off with a number of kisses.

The pair met in January 2017 in Glasgow’s west end. The court heard it was ‘understood by both this would not be discussed with anyone else’.

Miss McKee said: ‘Park mentioned that they ‘probably should not be meeting up’.

‘The girl felt special knowing that Park was prepared to break the rules for her by meeting her.’

The court heard the pair met up on Sundays where kissing occurred.

Park later contacted the teenager before she went on holiday.

The gushing message included: ‘You are my angel. I love you to bits.’

Park was later involved in sex acts with the girl. The teenager often went to Park’s then-home in Glasgow’s Hyndland.

The teenager – now 18 – eventually moved to start university and believed the ‘relationship had ended’.

But, the hearing was Park struggled with the ‘breakdown’ and ‘displayed manipulative behaviour’ towards the girl.

This lead to the teenager suffering from stress, losing more than a stone in weight and ending up in hospital.

In September 2020, she went to her GP and revealed what had been going on with Park.

The girl went on to block contact with Park before contacting the NSPCC.

In October 2020, Park’s home was searched by police.

Officers seized a number of photos of the pair together including on an iPhone.

Park later said there had been contact with the girl outside school, but denied anything ‘inappropriate’.

On being charged, she insisted: ‘Completely untrue. There was no sexual activity.’

Park’s lawyer said that Park will never work as a teacher again.

Ian Patterson, defending, added: ‘She dedicated her life to teaching and in this particular incident, she fell off and got herself involved in a situation she now bitterly regrets.

‘He name has been plastered across newspapers and her reputation has been ruined, her profession has been lost and her friend groups have been lost.

‘She is completely aware what she did was completely wrong and is extremely understanding to the cause of upset to the victim, her family, the wider community and the school.’ 

Original Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10676027/Female-private-school-teacher-42-jailed-27-months-sex-pupil-15.html

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  1. This TEACHER needs a lot more time in the ‘pen’ than 27 months. As a matter of fact, she may well need to spend the rest of her disgusting life in ‘the pen.’ Maybe she’ll get what she deserves in “the pen.”

  2. Yet another Democrap caught abusing a Child Sexually. 27 months is far far to little time for her crime. This is the reason Pedo Joe Nominated Jackson did the Highest Court in America to protect Democraps from their Sexual Perversion getting them punished as they should.

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