A video depicting a young child tipping a drag queen with uncovered fake breasts has gone viral and sparked outrage among social media users.

The video, shared to the Twitter account @LibsofTikTok, was first posted by TikTok user @davidlovesdragok, who noted the footage was recorded at Hamburger Mary’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in September, DailyMail reported. Though the clip, seen below, is from last year, it has only recently gained national attention on social media. 

The footage shows the man, identified by the TikTok account as drag queen “Yara Sofia,” decked out in drag and dancing around the restaurant with large fake breasts exposed that bounce to and fro. When he reaches an older woman holding a child in her lap, the drag queen moves to cover the synthetic breasts while smiling and accepting cash from the young child.
He then collects bills from several other people before heading in front of the stage and smacking the fake bosoms. A caption on the video simply reads, “OMFG.”

Washington Examiner columnist Brad Polumbo said that as “a gay person, I want absolutely nothing to do with this,” in response to @LibsofTikTok’s tweet.

LibsofTikTok’s post has received a slew of replies expressing disapproval over the child’s presence at such an event.

“Yara Sofia” is a 38-year-old man named Gabriel Burgos Ortiz from Puerto Rico, who appeared on the television show Ru Paul’s Drag Race. 

Hamburger Mary’s is a franchise with restaurants throughout the country. On its website, it describes itself as “an open-air bar and grille for open-minded people,” adding that it “offers a flamboyant dining experience.

The now-closed Hamburger Mary’s in Grand Rapids posted an advertisement for Yara Sofia’s performance in September, noting he would be at the restaurant on September 23.

This month, Breitbart News noted that a viral video surfaced featuring “drag queens dancing in front of babies and toddlers at a Dallas pride event” called, “Drag the Kids to Pride,” which was advertised to be “family-friendly.” 

“The event was anything but ‘family-friendly,’ as drag queens danced and lip-synched while the children offered them money for their performance like at a strip club,” Breitbart News wrote. 

Drag Queen Story Hours, in which men in drag read to young children, have become prevalent in recent years. This week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) tweeted his endorsement of such events, as Breitbart News noted

Original Article: VIDEO: Young Child Tips Drag Queen with Exposed Fake Breasts at Bar (breitbart.com)

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  1. This whole drag queen communist agenda is grooming children into sexual perversion brainwashing propaganda. It is criminal to so victimize any child. Pornographers of children use the same types of grooming techniques. No 5-year-old kid knows what’s going on.

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