Fuel supplier Mansfield Energy has been preparing for an expected diesel shortage on the United States East Coast. He has also advised that businesses that depend on diesel should start preparing.

Mansfield Energy said last week that there will be an upcoming diesel fuel shortage in the southeastern region of the U.S., which in part would also be worsened by the historically low reserves.

Currently, the East Coast has around 25 million barrels available, which is around half their normal amount of 50 barrels.

The company issued a press release on Monday where they said that the shortage is bound to make the price of diesel higher for a lot of people. The high prices will also result in demand dropping which will help balance the market supply.

Mansfield also said that consumers would most likely feel the most pressure from the increased prices as businesses will still be able to purchase the necessary diesel.

The company also warned that it is possible that many cities will completely run out of diesel for short periods, but that the supply chain would swiftly work to fill any gaps in supply.

Mansfield recommends that bulk fuel buyers should not bulk buy, especially if they are not sure they have enough storage for it. They also maintained that in most areas fuel supply would continue as normal.

4 thoughts on “New Oil Warning For Americans”
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  3. Mansfield recommends that bulk fuel buyers should not bulk buy.
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