For the past number of months, the news has carried a number of stories on the economic and political chaos taking place in Venezuela. While the news may or may not be interesting to many of us, I’ve heard some question why should it matter to us here in America?

Let me ask you this – would it matter to you if you heard that this was happening in your home country or ancestral country? It probably would. One thing is certain, it matters to the 32 million people in Venezuela.

They are starving and government troops have been burning the food and supplies sent by the United States. For the past few years, hundreds of pregnant women have crossed the border into neighboring Colombia to have their babies because the medical conditions in Venezuela are so poor and unreliable.

While many people are pointing the fingers of blame for what is happening in Venezuela at Nicolas Maduro, but in reality, it started long before Maduro took office.

In 2002, Hugo Chavez became President of Venezuela. The socialist leader used the profits from the country’s rich oil fields, to push social reform. Sound familiar to America’s Democrats of today?

In April 2013, Chavez was replaced with Nicolas Maduro, who quickly assumed dictatorial power. Maduro was even more of a staunch socialist than Chavez was. He quickly started pushing socialist programs on the nation.

Like most socialist nations, it takes a great deal of tax money to provide for all of the social reform policies of the socialist government. Taxes were raised, raised again and raised even more. As the taxes kept increasing, so did inflation which also resulted in the devaluation of their currency, the Venezuelan bolivar.

With inflation and the devaluation of the bolivar, millions of Venezuelans could no longer buy enough food or pay for homes, clothes or anything else. Poverty spread like an epidemic of cholera and in some areas, had the same deadly effect with people dying from starvation and disease.

Yet, every time inflation rose, the government increased taxes thinking it would counter it. The process they created fueled itself and now, the nation has runaway inflation, with super high taxes, currency not worth the paper it’s printed on. Millions are out of work, starving and yet, Maduro has his socialist upper echelon continue to eat high on the hog.

I heard one report compare the situation in Venezuela to the myth of Roman Emperor Nero just fiddling as Rome burned down all around him.

That has led to the rise of opposition leader Juan Guaido, who some believe is the rightful President of Venezuela. In fact, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had both endorsed Guaido as the rightful President of Venezuela and that Maduro must leave office.

So, why does all this matter to us here in the United States?

Because, what many of America’s Democrats are pushing the very same things that were pushed in Venezuela. Democrats are America’s socialists. Some are willing to admit it, like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while others refuse to admit it, like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to name a few.

The policies of Democrats – free Medicare for all, free college tuition for all, raising taxes on businesses and the wealthy and the Green New Deal – are all socialist policies designed to tax everyone to the point that they can’t support themselves and are forced to rely on the government for help, just like what has happened in Venezuela.

Don’t forget, that Bernie Sanders, a 2020 candidate, just announced that it’s time to finalize the socialist revolution of America and take over the government.

Over the past few years, socialism has seen a huge growth in support, especially among the young adults who have been brainwashed by America’s socialist public education system. If the misguided young people get their way and manage to vote Democrats to be in control of the White House and Congress, American will become another Venezuela.

We will see huge tax increases, loss of jobs, runaway inflation, loss of homes and mass starvation. It will result in the economic collapse of America, a collapse that will give socialists the opportunity to take complete dictatorial control of the nation.

You ask why Venezuela matters? It’s America under Democratic rule, that’s why it matters.


15 thoughts on “Turmoil in Venezuela? Why Does it Matter to Us?”
  1. Democrats deflect the socialist collapse in Venezuela and endorse capitalist socialism like Norway. Venezuela was a wealthy and prosperous country with an economy based on oil production. Under Hugo Chavez and Maduro their total government controlled socialism enriched the “government and military elites” and has bankrupted their country..
    > the new green deal proposed by the Democrat Socialist will do the same to the USA – their goal is to eliminate the financial base of the oil & gas industry and impose total government control over the economy and and American citiuzens. Guaranteed financial collapse.
    > Hugo Chavez added a star on the Venezuelan flag in his honor. Their flag must return to the original 7 stars.

  2. I dread the thought of socialism coming to our country. And, I see how our younger generation are being brainwashed in our schools and universities. I see what stupidity a socialist, AOC, did right here. The rejection of Amazon by AOC, as well as other politicians…her words *We don’t need the billionaire* rankles. But, we do and did need Amazon here; we needed the jobs and job training in a section of NYC that was languishing. Our polls showed, before Amazon departed, that the majority of African Americans and Latinos wanted Amazon. These politicians didn’t care what the people wanted; they followed their own selfish agenda. This is enough for me. Long Island sits, as it did, with no businesses coming forward to replace Amazon, nor will they.

  3. The USA is already a small s socialist state, i’e., if you ring the police they don’t ask for you credit card number.’ In other words uit is provided by the government, as are K-12 education, pensions and medicare for the over 65’s. That is socialism. A big S socialist state controls commerce and industry and very few nations do that today as that has been demonstrated to work badly.. Just don’t confuse the two varieties.

    Venezuela’s problem is that the US doesn’t like left wing governments and have instigated a lot of evil results since WW2. So they are quite openly advocating regime change and the MSM is echoing it, regardless of the facts.
    That humanitarian aid convoy was opposed by Maduro, because there was one for Nicaragua which included a lot of weapons. It is also opposed by the Red Cross and other aid organizations. The “blocked” bridge has NEVER been opened since it was built! The starving masses is also a beat up. Maduro is getting plenty of aid just not from the USA. Supermarket shelves are not like the published pictures, obviously doctored for effect. There is much more lies and fake news. It’s normal now. everywhere. so be wary.
    Just don’t believe what the official lines say. They have an agenda.and it’s not a nice one. There are lots of problems and Maduro is far from competent, He needs help and advice, not US opposition.

  4. The Democrats or Sanders would never tax Americans to the extent that Chavez or Maduro have done in Venezuela. But people in America need to understand that the wealthy are taking advantage of loopholes and tax avoidance situations that are not available to middle or lower class Americans. The income gap between the wealthy “one percenters” and the rest of Americans is growing exponentially, and that is not healthy for the economy, not to mention the health and sanity of the “ninety-nine percenters.”

    So please don’t exaggerate, or dare to compare the Venezuelan situation to a Democratic government gaining power in 2020.

  5. I suggest you leave our country if you thing for a second that socialism of any kind is tolerable. without big business this country is down the tubes. if you really want to turn things around ask for a law that makes big companies help their employees with their health care like they use too before the democrats taxed them out of the country. business must make a profit, although there should be a limit. sanders and the rest of them are all millionaires on our money. they also live behind walls and what about their millions and what do they pay in taxes? shame on them.

  6. Democrats socialists think that all the other examples of failed socialism. failed because they did it wrong. Demos think that they are smarter than anyone and know how to make socialism work and that’s why they are pushing the green new deal and other types of programs. The thing about socialism is that it has failed every time it has been tried. And when it failed, it left the people like the people of Venezuela.

  7. So the news media showing people eating garbage is made up video? Boy are you a POS, covering up for all the damage the maduro socialist regime is doing to his own people. The only help maduro wants is in killing his own people. Socialists and communists can never get enough help in killing their own people. Hitler killed 10 million Jews and other undesirables. Lenin and Stalin killed 20 to 30 million people most of them by starvation. Mao killed 50 to 60 million people establishing communism in China. Pol Pot killed more than 2.5 million people in Cambodia, in their killing fields. Vietnam’s death toll in the 5 years after their conquering of South Vietnam is unknown. So what is your excuse for all these deaths due to socialism and communism? There are really no excuses.

  8. It is their right as it is yours, to take advantage of tax loopholes. If you don’t have enough wealth to take advantage of those loopholes, don’t blame others for your failures.

    Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? No because poor people are poor for a number of reasons, such as lack of education. Its the rich people that create businesses. When their business grows to the point where they can create jobs to help complete their products/services. No business owner owes you a job. Jobs are created when there is a need for more labor.

    If you don’t like the rich, then maybe you should get off your butt and build a business to create jobs for other people. Every liberal that thought they could set up a business to give people jobs have failed when their business model failed to produce an income to cover all those jobs. Until you do that, don’t complain about rich people, because they had nothing to do with your position in life. Your position in life is determined by you and you alone.

  9. Socialism would destroy this country, not because it’s a guaranteed failure but because too many people are fat, sick and lazy… which can be fixed 9 times out of 10 with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and cognitive training. Look at the health and education of the Scandinavian people. That’s why it has worked for them… that and the US paying their bills.

  10. Many of you don’t know or don’t remember that we taxpayers use to have more deductions at tax time. One was if you bought a high priced item like a car or major appliances you could deduct it from your earned income. Another deduction was you could deduct ANY interest you paid out on your debts. These deductions put back some money into the taxpayers pockets. Remember Congress passes bills to change the tax bills. They also pass bills to give themselves raises. There’s one in the works right now I here. AOC is loving that I’m sure. Guess which way She’ll vote if she’s on that committee. People you all need to talk to your people about not voting for socialist ideas, talk to your neighbors. Talk to anyone who’s standing in a long line with you, talk to the cashiers where you trade, so many places where you can bend an ear.

  11. The entire Venezuelan Military could be quickly destroyed by a massive blitzkrieg strike ,eradicating the criminal power base of Maduro with government handed over to the legitimate President Guaido…
    No such thing will ever happen ../.The left wing idiots would obstruct any intervention as …politically incorrect colonialism ……

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