One of the main time and space fillers for the liberal media is the seemingly constant release and prejudicial analysis of polling numbers on President Trump. I suddenly realized that those updates have recently become conspicuous by their absence in the leading anti-Trump news(?) programs. It got me to thinking … and doing a little research.

Just as I suspected. Trump’s numbers have had a bit of an upswing in recent days.

According to the most recent Harvard-Harris Poll, Trump’s approval rating among registered voters has hit 48 percent – a two-year high. The recent Rasmussen Poll showed similar results. Contrary to what one might believe from news reporting, Trump gets a 50 percent approval rating among Hispanics in some of the polls. In terms of favorable versus unfavorable, Trump is on top. While there is a long way to November of 2020, these are the kinds of numbers that get incumbent presidents re-elected.

The fact that Trump’s numbers improve even as the Democrats and the anti-Trump news media are mounting increasing and unprecedented hostile attacks on a daily basis must be very disturbing to the #NeverTrump Resistance Movement. It is reminiscent of the 2016 election, when the media allowed their biases and hatred to completely misreport the potential outcome of the election. Remember how they confidently stated and re-stated that Trump had “no path to the presidency?” And remember how they spent two-years reporting with certainty that Trump was guilty of criminally colluding with Russia? Well, they are doing it again.

The east coast bubble-encased news media has been proffering narratives of all sorts of criminality associated with Trump. It is the New York Southern District federal courts that are going to get him. Virtually every paid pundit on MSNBC has opined that Trump has committed all sorts of crime – and their proof is highly spun bits of information, outright disinformation and wishful thinking.

Even as the Democrats move closer and closer to impeachment and those panels of parroting pundits are clamoring for impeachment like political vigilantes, Trump’s numbers go up. There is a message in all that, but the Democrats and the press do not seem to be listening. Despite the failures in the past, they cling to the belief that their mendacious reporting will fool the American people.

It may just be that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the last Democrat with a grip on reality – and isn’t that a scary thought? She is talking tough to assuage her increasingly radical base, but she is not buying into impeachment. Maybe she read the polls and understand what they mean. It seems the more the radical left calls for impeachment, the more popular the President gets. We have seen this movie before.

In addition to the popularity polls, other recent polls show that more than half of Americans oppose impeachment or have no opinion. Only about one-third support impeaching Trump. Furthermore, 57 percent believe that all the investigations interfere with government business. That was the sentiment of half the Democrats and 75 percent of Republicans.

It is almost humorous to watch Democrat after Democrat appear on television saying that focusing on issues important to the voters is more important that obsessing on Trump – and then they proceed to obsess on Trump.

The media and the impeachment-istas are recreating 2016. They are offering the American people every certainty and every assurance that President Trump will be removed from office – either by impeachment or defeat in 2020. They claim that Trump will be indicted, convicted and imprisoned once he no longer is protected by the Justice Department rule preventing sitting presidents from being indicted.

They spin the Mueller Reports’ failure to reach a conclusion on Obstruction of Justice as hardcore evidence that Trump is guilty of obstructions. They even claim that despite Mueller’s vindication of Trump and his campaign of criminal collusion with Russia, Trump and his people are guilty of criminal collusion.

And still Trump’s favorable rating improves.

A President Lincoln wisely noted, you cannot fool all the people all the time. It just may be that the radical extremist Democrats and their allies in the newsrooms have run out of “fooling time.”

So, there ‘tis.

2 thoughts on “Where are the latest polling reports?”
  1. The socialist media( the enemy of the people are propagandandists for “ Cultural Marxists” anti-American destruction promotion.. Put a stake in its heart for the good of the country!

  2. Purge, the media, Academia, the government, politicians, the judiciary,, the unions, Hollywood of the radical “Cultural Marxist” conspiracy with a total vengeance Immediately before it’s too late

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