According to reports, the FBI should take a strong interest in any emails that Prince Andrew may have exchanged with Jeffrey Epstein as part of its ongoing probe into the financier’s alleged sex trafficking ring.

A source said a “forensic” sweep of emails will tell if Epstein’s friends, including the Roya, knew anything incriminating, the Daily Telegraph reported last week.

A significant line in the probe is two desktop computers and an Apple device seized from Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to the British tabloid.

Here in the States, the Miami Herald reported that FBI agents, customs personnel, local cops, and New York City police showed up at the property and scooped up evidence two days after Epstein hanged himself in his cell in a New York City federal detention center.

Following his arrest July 6, Epstein was being held on charges of trafficking girls as young as 14 for sex. Epstein hanged himself while in prison in New York City with officials ruling the death a suicide. However, Epstein’s lawyers still question those findings.

After the cause of death was deemed a suicide by the New York chief medical examiner, Epstein’s defense team said in a statement that they were “not satisfied” with the conclusion and blasted the “medieval conditions” of the federal prison, blaming their employer’s death on those alleged broken protocols.

Prince Andrew’s Salacious Ties to Epstein

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s known victims, has claimed that Epstein paid her to have sex with the Duke of York nearly two decades ago when she was 17. According to the New York Post, the FBI has in its possession a photo of Epstein with Giuffre, which was seized years ago during the first round of charges against Epstein. The picture, which was taken sometime in early 2001 at Epstein’s gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell’s London home, was among 20 images seized by the feds during an interview with Giuffre in 2011, the Post reported.

As far as the photo goes, the Post reports that a source close to Prince Andrew insisted that the photo appears doctored — pointing to the Duke of York’s fingers, which are wrapped around Giuffre’s waist.

“Andrew’s fingers appear quite slender, like a girl’s fingers,” the pal said. “They are also a strange shade of red. His real fingers are actually much chubbier, quite small and chubby.”

Regarding Giuffre’s accusation that Epstein paid her to engage in sexual activities with the Prince, Andrew has said the charges are false.

Last week, Andrew broke his silence on Epstein to deny ever witnessing any of the convicted sex offender’s criminal behavior during the “limited time” they spent together.

He said in a statement that their friendship began in 1999 and that it was a “mistake and an error” to see Epstein in 2010. The visit took place a year after Epstein finished serving time in prison for soliciting prostitution from a minor.

4 thoughts on “Shocking Emails Between Epstein and Prince Andrew”
  1. It is obvious that Epstein DID NOT commit Suicide and that some one with great and infinite connections helped him to it. Reason, gather ALL of the incriminating evidence from all of his known residential locations to control that evidence so that it NEVER is exposed to the public in any manner. Note his assistant – right hand person is also missing. Clinton and everyone else can sleep easier now knowing that NOTHING will see the light of day.

    One wonders about the state of mind of the young women involved. Clearly when they all attended one of these parties or Island events it had to occur to them that they, themselves were on the menu for the “rich and powerful” If they then felt uncomfortable and uneasy they should have NEVER attended any other future events, but most did repeatedly. The repeats only strongly suggest a tacit approval of what was going on.

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