During the Obama reign of lawlessness, it was well known that ISIS had approached some of the Mexican drug cartels for the sole purpose of gaining entrance into the United States. To no surprise, Obama did nothing about it, but then he regularly seemed to side with Islamic extremists. Don’t forget that Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic terrorist organization as identified by the US government when the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt and launched a reign of Christian genocide. Obama also set 5 top Taliban terrorists free in exchange for an Army deserter. Under Obama, thousands of Muslims were allowed into the United States where they are already trying to take over entire communities and towns, such as Dearborn, Michigan and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

If you thought Barack Hussein Obama was bad for America, you need to take a long look at one of the leading 2020 Democratic White House hopefuls – Bernie Sanders.

To begin with, Sanders has never tried to hide the fact that he is a socialist, whereas Obama would never admit it, but his actions and words proved otherwise. Sanders openly wants to convert America into a socialist nation like Russia, China or Venezuela.

One of his main campaign agendas is to usher in a Medicare for all that will either bankrupt the nation and/or cause widespread economic chaos and the loss of millions of jobs. If that isn’t frightening enough, then consider this report on Sanders:

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled an immigration plan on Thursday that would abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, decriminalize illegal border crossings, and welcome 50,000 new “climate migrants” each year.

“It is long past time we break up the Department of Homeland Security and refocus its mission on keeping our country safe and responding effectively to emergencies,” the plan reads.

Sanders contends he would immediately work to reverse policies President Trump put in place to stem the flow of nearly 1 million illegal immigrants coming across the southern border each year, including executive actions to reverse to the “Remain in Mexico” asylum system, halt all deportations pending a government audit, halt the border wall construction and reverse policies that don’t require congressional approval, The Hill reports.

And that’s just for starters.

A President Sanders would greatly expand former president Obama’s DACA program for illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, and expand protections from deportation for their parents and any illegal immigrant who has lived in the country for more than five years.

“Sanders then wants to provide a ‘pathway to citizenship’ via Congress for all illegal immigrants living in America – which he says is currently around 11 million – and would ensure that ‘old or low-level contacts with the criminal justice system’ do not prevent illegal immigrants from walking along that path,” Fox News reports.

So how is this playing into the hand of Iran and Mexican Drug Cartels?

Iran and its terror proxy Hezbollah are financing Mexican drug cartels, smuggling people into America and recruiting them (for pay) as sleeper jihadist cells.

The recruits are mainly immigrants to Mexico from the Middle East, mostly from Lebanon where Hezbollah is based.

The coordinated operation is part of Iran’s war on America.

While Iran and Hezbollah are known to be active in the drug trade further south in Latin America, many are unaware that Iran, through its proxy Hezbollah, finances money laundering operations and human smuggling through the Mexican drug cartels at the U.S. border.

The operation is founded on the known fact that the U.S.-Mexican border is easy to penetrate, with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from Mexico and other Latin American countries coming into the U.S. from Mexico every month.

In southern Chiapas in Mexico, there are Muslim communities. These communities are made up of Syrians and Lebanese who migrated to Mexico decades ago as well as recent Mexican converts to Islam. In addition, Islam is gaining a foothold and in southern Mexico, with indigenous Mayans converting by the hundreds.

These communities are funded in the Diaspora and all contain sleeper cells. With the help of Mexican drug cartels, they finance and traffic extremists to the United States.

With Sanders plan to eliminate ICE and open the border, he is playing right into the hand of Iran and their effort to use the Mexican drug cartels to infiltrate the United States. If Sanders would win the White House and carry out his plans, he would be guilty of treason as defined by Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Sanders plan would be aiding Iran and enemy combatant Islamic extremist in their plan to infiltrate and attack the United States.