Over one-third of independent voters are not paying any attention to the impeachment hearings, results from a new poll have revealed.

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos survey, 36 percent of independent voters reported that they have not watched, read, or heard anything about the impeachment proceedings presently going on in the House of Representatives.

Of the 64 percent of independent voters who reported having followed some the impeachment hearings, 30 percent said they had read or listened to summaries on the news while just 19 percent said they had actually watched them. The last 17 percent reported having watched or listened to news summaries.

Despite the poll showing that a clear majority of independent voters are paying attention to the impeachment proceedings, it also shows that they’re much less engaged than other demographic groups.

Unsurprisingly, the poll revealed that Democrat voters were paying the closest attention of any demographic group, with 35 percent watching or listening to the hearings. That, compared to just 26 percent of Republicans who said the same.

As you would expect, more Democrat voters watched, listened to, or read about the hearings than did Republican and independent voters.

Numbers like these spell terrible news for the Democrats, who most certainly believe that holding the hearings in the first place would persuade both the American public and conservatives in the Senate to support Trump’s removal from power.

Conversely, the numbers could be good news for Republicans, who by in large don’t believe that the American people care enough about the grounds upon which the impeachment was launched to even pay attention to the hearings.

One official in the Trump administration has been quoting saying, “So long as this impeachment stays in the echo chamber of hyperpartisan Democrats and their allies in the media and doesn’t breakthrough into the country … we have the advantage.”

The Reuters/Ipsos poll, conducted on the 14th and 15th of November, sampled 1,115 adults who were 18 years or older. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

13 thoughts on “Solid Number Of Independent Voters Don’t Even Care About The Impeachment Hearings”
  1. Why in the heck would I waste my time on watching the Adam Schiff Show? There are reruns of Law and Order on.

  2. It is nice to know that the current Democratic folly is actually empowering the president and the Republican party! Seems that the Dem’s are working to ensure a 2020, win for president Trump in spite of themselves.

  3. the democrats have tried everything in the book since trump was elected, including the slow coup d’tat. how many times now? investigations after investigations and now more, with impeachment. they said impeach trump the day after he was elected. get real. they are criminals. as an independent i listen to no one except my wallet….and my wallet says trump is better than obama & bush . get real and democrats do your job. stop fk’n around. you have lost the independents vote. we are tired of bullcrap that you have been spilling since the election and since we gave you the house. you have wasted winning. you will now relinguish the house and we will get something done for once. pelosi, you are not only an old idiot but, a criminal

  4. Legal Scholars Please provide your views on the following: Treason Definition: Treason is defined as “intentionally” betraying one’s allegiance by levying war against the government(a duly elected President) or the giving of aid or comfort to the enemies of the government (DNC operatives and the DNC Congressional members including but not limited to the DNC/Uranium 1/Steele Dossier, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, etc.).

    What is your point of view ?

  5. Ignore the show. As the Dems are hacking at Trump, they are not doing the job for which they were hired. The next election will reflect how many voters are weak minded.

  6. Democrats still can’t get over the fact that they loss the election…..I believe Hilary is still in the background,
    for now, trying to muddy the waters for Trump. Unfortunately, she hasn’t moved on from her loss & I dread
    the thought of her running again…..she needs to be prosecuted for her past crimes in order to get her
    to stop trying to run again….keep her busy defending her lies and crimes of the past….surely, someone
    can find the evidence regarding the people she has murdered and thrown to the wolves…….

  7. After the Russian investigation, I expected the democrats to do exactly what we are seeing now.
    They are persistent, and laughable in a political sense.
    Still I think there’s something that’s hidden
    and sooner or later it will come out.

  8. They had better pay attention. It is becoming clearer all the time that this president should be impeached for his traitorous actions.

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