UK: Police have prevented 24 terrorist attacks since 2017

Officials from London’s Metropolitan Police Force say that they’ve prevented 24 terrorist attacks since 2017.

Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick said that investigators have stopped a total of 24 terror attacks in the last two years alone since Khalid Masood successfully carried Westminster Bridge attack which killed five and left forty-nine others injured.

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During an interview with LBC Radio Station, Dick said that sixteen of the 24 plots were linked to radical Islam, while extremist right-wing groups planned the remaining eight, the Manchester Evening News reported.

In September, UK’s counter-terror chief Neil Basu reported that foiled terror attacks had gone from 19 to 22, 15 of which were inspired by radical Islam.

Basu said: “Despite the increases, right-wing terrorism remains a relatively small percentage of our overall demand” and that the biggest threat facing the country still came from jihadists.”

Britain isn’t the only county in Europe where radical Islamic terrorism continues to pose a significant threat.

Two months ago, Austrian intelligence released a report which stated that radical Islamic terrorism is still the most significant security threat in the country, with returned ISIS fighters being a primary concern.

In April, France’s Le Figaro reported on the release of the ‘Black and White Book of Terrorism’ which revealed that radical Islamic terrorists have accounted for 91 percent of victims of terror attacks since 2000.

In May, authorities in France said that they had already foiled five radical Islamic terror attacks for the year. Since that report, the number of foiled attacks has more than likely gone up.

Radical Islamism has become so widespread in France that even individuals working in the country’s police force have become radicalized. Since four officers were murdered in a terrorist attack at Paris’s Police HQ earlier this month, 27 police officers from the Paris prefecture have been reported by their colleagues for radicalization.