With the start of a primary season loaded with gaffes and controversies, the Democrats could be headed for an ending that is even worse – a brokered convention.

Political pundits from both sides are floating the possibility of a brokered convention if no presidential candidate has a clear path to winning the 2020 Democrat nomination.

Ahead of the Saturday Nevada caucuses, election strategists think it is a very good possibility that none of eight remaining Democratic candidates is likely to win the 1091 delegates needed to win the July convention.

At a party’s respective convention, if a candidate does not gain a majority of delegates for the nomination in the first round of voting then delegates can switch their candidate pick before the next round of voting.

Harry Reid, the former senator of Nevada, said he thinks the Democrat National Committee delegates should choose the candidate in that case. He made the following comments on the matter, “I don’t think we’ll have one, but we could have one. It’s not the end of all worlds. We’ve had a brokered conventions before and we always come up with good candidates. It’s not the end of the world, just slows the process down.”

The last brokered convention was in 1952 during the presidential runs of Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson.

Critics have said the thought of a split delegate terrifies some Democrats who warn it could cause further division in the already highly fractured party.

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  1. Don’t have any chance anyway. Dems have already shown their hand. Sad and scary. Idiots. They need to wake up and love our country instead of themselves. Maga

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