A Texas man threatened to kill US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the congressional response to the coronavirus outbreak, saying she and other Democrats “need to be removed at any cost necessary,” federal authorities said.

According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas, Gavin Weslee Blake Perry, 27, of Wichita Falls, accused Pelosi on his Facebook page last week of being part of a satanic cult, as well as other Democratic lawmakers who work closely with her

“Dems of the establishment will be removed at any cost necessary and yes that means by death,” Perry wrote in the post, which was still online early Friday.

The ominous post included a link to a story from a pro-life outlet accusing Pelosi of trying to include abortion funding in the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, Perry’s Facebook profile shows.

In another public post earlier in the week, Perry urged people to “use live rounds” and an abbreviation for “shoot on sight” while targeting Democrats, prosecutors said.

Police said Perry told them he does not recognize the authority of the federal government. He faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

“The Department of Justice takes the security of our public servants seriously. Americans are entitled to voice their opinions, but we will not allow them to threaten our officials’ physical safety,” U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said.

“This defendant’s threats against the Speaker and law enforcement agents are wholly inexcusable, and we look forward to bringing him to justice.”

Perry, who made his initial court appearance Thursday, has been charged with transmitting a threatening communication in interstate commerce. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

Perry admitted that the Facebook account belonged to him, but insisted he was merely trying to warn fellow Americans to be wary of the “tyrannical” government, prosecutors said.

Perry also allegedly told investigators he believed they were violating his First Amendment right to free speech and that he intended to refuse to come to court after being released from jail on bond.

90 thoughts on “Pelosi Receives Death Threats for Her Stance on COVID-19 Aid”
  1. Now we all know that if Pelosi were a Republican this man would never be in jail. Now we all know that if Pelosi were a Republican this man would never be in jail. Threats to the president and his family have been discarded Threats to the president and his family have been discarded

  2. While the threat is serious, I wouldn’t doubt he was paid to make it for Pelousy to garner sympathy I trust dems so little.

  3. While I am not threading Nancy Palosi, and wish her no I’ll will. After the comments I have read that he main assistant has made about the general public, and people that voted for her. I can’t see why someone in her state hasn’t kidnapped her, taken her into a field some where, hurried her up to her neck, and left her to the horrably. You know Karama.

  4. But it is OK for Schumer to threaten a Supreme Court justice??? Our laws are supposed to be for EVERYONE, no exclusions no matter who you are or what you do for a living and besides Schumer works for us, we the people. That doesn’t give him a license to break the law.

  5. Schumer did the exact same thing to 2 of our supreme court justices why was he not arrested. Lets correct that he did it in front of the press on the steps of there place of work.

  6. Since she is so willing to kill millions of Americans and blame our president, maybe I should take a page from her evil daughter’s book. While she was busy impeaching President Trump corona virus was infecting our country. She is the one with blood on her hands and so is trying to displace it onto our president who is doing everything in his power to remedy this situation. While he is busy doing the job he was elected to do and not even being compensated monetarily, she is busy not dong what she is paid to do as is evidenced by the condition of her district of San Francisco. Yet she is the biggest blowhard with relation to taking down our president. She should worry about her evil daughter and corrupt “Hunter Biden clone” son.

  7. In national & world crises, decent rational people ought display common courtesy, proper decorum, adult responsibility from all & most of all elected/appointed civil servants to contribute battling this infectious outbreak, stop its calamitous spread & search cures/prophylaxis of this dreaded novel virus. Precaution is required and not the unconscionable hype, hysteria, panic, fear being fueled at some nefarious quarters.
    These “trying” times should require cooperation, unity, sanity than politicizing for selfish, iniquitous, heinous personal/monetary/party/ideological ends.

  8. unsubscribe me from your site-will not abide censorship while many scores scoundrels spew much demagoguery being published yet hardly even called out.

  9. Truthfullu, I’m not surprised. Pelosi should be removed from office. I know it would take a vote BUT perhaps the entire country should be perrmitted to vote. She’d be GONE WITH THE WIND. Good Bye, Pelosi

  10. I’m curious why no one is charged, arraigned, & sentenced for threatening our PRESIDENT! If I’m wrong & unaware of ppl are being prosecuted for threats against President Trump, please enlighten me.

  11. If they arrested this person for threatening Pelosi and other traitors to this country why have the ones that have threatened the President and his family not been arrested and charged. Some very big names have threatened the President and his family over and over again but no one has been arrested or charged. Where is the justice in all this? I am so sick of the double standard. The law is the law and they need to be charged.

  12. I do not condone anyone threatening a public official with death. In this case the man needs to be prosecuted but what about the death threats to the president, some even coming from Senators. Why has the secret service not done their job in bringing these people to justice?
    I see a double standard here, it is okay to threaten a republican with death but whoa do not do that to a democrat or you will bear the wrath of them all.

  13. So what about the likes of “senator” Chuckie Schemer, WHO THREATENED TWO SUPREME COURT JUSTICES JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO? WHAT ABOUT THAT? Why are “democrat” politicians allowed to continue to commit crimes and not suffer the consequences?

  14. OK, so what about all the death threats from Hollywood celebrities against President Trump?
    Why don’t they face jail time?

  15. Fruits and nuts of California can make terroristic threats, hold up a severed head of President Trump and get away with and this poor man was expressing his freedom of speech. Different penalties for different folks….

  16. Funny. Why wasn’t Kathy Griffin taken to jail for her part in the fax beheading of President Trump? There’s something definitely wrong with America when things are so lopsided that one death threat isn’t as important as another. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone such behavior as it shows mental instability but just like the Jesse Smollett case it seems liberals are getting a big pass. At some point something’s gotta give.
    Vote Trump/Pence 2020 and vote for conservative leadership in the House and Senate.

  17. Funny how when a Democrat is threatened the media is so interested and wants to prosecute the person who made the threat, but when the President of the United States is threatened , (and many have) nobody does anything about it. He IS the President, but the media does NOTHING!!! AND the law does NOTHING!!! The bias is ridiculous! Nancy Pelosi Should be removed from Congress. She keeps trying to get in the way of President Trump. She hasn’t done her job for over 3 years. She’s to busy trying to impeach OUR President. Throw her out !

  18. I don’t understand how Kathy Griffin can hold up a bloodied head of the “PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” and NEVER spend an hour in jail. How Maxine Waters can tell people in California to get a crowd of people together to harass Trump supporters, who knows if someone could of been beat terribly or even killed! What is WRONG with this country, when DEMONCRATS can break the law WITHOUT fear of arrest

  19. Then why haven’t the democrats been arrested when they threaten violence against conservatives? Waters, Schumer, and many more. Sick of the double standards!

  20. Too bad he didn’t get to go through with it lowlife bitch and every other dummycrat out there

  21. I think he is totally correct in this. Politicians need to be a little afraid of the voters. If one or two were killed I think they would act more in the interests of the people. Politicians have been acting as if they are above the law and getting away with it for years, it is time for this to stop. They must be held accountable for their actions.

  22. I salute all you True Americans who see and are willing to show how in danger this country is from peabrain pelosi and the rest of the “Demonic DEMONCRATS”. How much blood does Chillary Clinton have on her hands, and is NEVER going to spend an hour in jail. I really thought William Barr was going to do great things for the Country, I may have been wrong

  23. I salute all you True Americans who see and are willing to show how in danger this country is from pelosi and the rest of the “Demonic DEMONCRATS”. How much blood does Chillary Clinton have on her hands, and is NEVER going to spend an hour in jail. I really thought William Barr was going to do great things for the Country, I may have been wrong


  25. She will pay one day when she faces God to be judged. No one on earth can judge her, Dispise her yes, kill her NO!
    Her immoral acts illicit immoral responses. She needs to be in jail, with only bread & water…

  26. Are there any Democrats on this site that believe that the Democratic party are bringing our country down. A affiliation with a voting party is NO REASON to turn your back on your country, and you better hope that your children and your grandchildren will ever have a good life if a DEMONCRAT ever makes it to the Presidency. God Help them

  27. Why doesn’t U.S.Attorney Erin Cox and the DOJ get this ‘aggressive’ in the investigation, trial and conviction of Hillary Clinton? They can’t seem to go after the ‘rich’ people. But, boy they sure know how to take down the little guy!

  28. Threatening Polish’s life is not the answer; instead, let’s remover her from office. .

  29. They take what seriously ? What about the threats of killing our sitting president and those who voted for him. ? And threatening his child on national tv of bodily harm ? Well , it’s ok to threaten people for their right to vote . But it’s not alright to threaten someone who is trying to kill millions of Americans with her antics for 8 days .And the Millions of dollars she wanted to kill our most innocent with. What about the illegals who kill our people and get away with it ?And what about the attacks with 5 pound bicycle locks being bashed over people’s heads by Antifa . You people always turn your eyes too . Humm! Really .

  30. A real nut case there. He deserves to be locked up. And I’m not a fan of Pelosi either (but you need to have some sort of decorum)..

  31. How can Maxine Waters constantly threaten President Trump life and encouraging others to do so on television get away with it and isn’t arrested??

  32. It’s bad that he threatened to kill the moron Piglosi! She is a greedy ignorant hag and only cares about her money and power She is evil just as Hillary is!! The two hags r irrelevant not to worry she’ won’t be speaker for long she’ll be ousted out of there for her putting her special interests before the health and well being of us the tax payers that pay the witch for doing mother for us !!!!

  33. An American citizen can’t threaten an elected official but Chuck Schumer is allowed to threaten a Supreme Court Justice!!! If it’s ok for Shumer it’s ok for citizens!!!

  34. these are the same government chicken shit officials that let the DEMO RATS make threats against OUR PRESIDENT TRIUMP

  35. He may well be right about her and other Democraps. Killing them would be to good for them put them out of office and investigate where they made their money. Much better than seeing them dead. Make them broke just like when they went into office. Far better punishment.

  36. Threats only draw attention to the one making the threat.

    If a person breaks into my home, I would be in more trouble for firing a warning shot than I would be for stopping the threat.
    In some states, merely showing the gun may bring charges.

  37. But yet it was okay for Schumer to threaten 2 Supreme Court justices by name too. That was prosecuted. This is hypocrisy at its best. Lock him up too. Like a lot of people we like to blow off steam doesn’t mean we’re going to do it.

  38. Don’t forget to advocate for Schumer to be locked up too. He’s a public official and should know better.

  39. HOW can an Government Official Threaten the President along with others and nothing happens. Now you have an individual , being fed up with an Official conducting them selves as Non-American and get away with it.

  40. I agree with him , she has to go. She doesn’t care about the American People , it’s what she wants. As American People are dying she wants money for everything else , except for the virus itself. We are trying to save lives and she wants money for abortions ? What is wrong with this picture ? We need to vote her and the rest of the democrats out of office.

  41. The president has had threats since day 1, And no action was taken against the Official (s) because they continue to make THREATS. Need APPLES for APPLES.

  42. How come none of the Hollywood garbage that threatened President Trump were arrested. His lawyer should DEMAND all of the them be arrested or set this man free.

  43. This guy will go to jail, since he is threatening a real dumbocrap. Of course. none of the many celebrities and others who have threatened President Trump and his family over the past three years will likely never be prosecuted. The double standard wins again. We must vote all the demoncrats out of office so there will be no more reason for a double standard. MAGA 2020.

  44. He threatens a Democrat, is booked and given a court date. The man who threatened Adam Schiff was also quickly arrested. Numerous people have threatened President Trump, various member of his family and they are still walking around free. No arrest, no court date. Chuck Schumer threatened two sitting Supreme Court Justices and he is still walking around free; no arrest, no court date. So are we a nation of laws and is “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” or is the law only enforced against those who don’t bow down to the Democrats?

  45. Why does the federal government work to protect the safety and security of people like Nancy Pelosi, when the doesn’t give a damn about the safety or security of the American people. She’d rather line the pockets of her and her friends than concern herself with our health or well being.

  46. why is it that the demon rats are allowed to threaten, and wish our Presidents death, show pics of a cut off head of Trump, make all sorts of threats to take our leader out..??? and NOTHING… a young man in Tx is expressing his pent up anger over the blatant disrespect of the conservatives and our leader of America and its OK..
    As of NOW we are still in America (and hopefully we will continue to) and we have free speech. The FB page of a citizen is their page to express their anger and frustration of seeing the unbelievable unfairness that the media, the idiot Pelosi, Schumer, comey, schiff and the list goes on….of Our PRESIDENT…known lies,known set ups millions and millions of dollars wasted on the DemonRats made up and paid for letters, and innuendos. BUT that is fine but this young man stating his opinion gets in trouble..I will say that you don’t say you wish someone dead..That is a little harsh, removed would of been a better word because i want her removed but i certainly don’t want any of them dead..They just need to get out of all power to destroy OUR COUNTRY..it seems pretty basic to me..

  47. Fxxking Demoncrats can say or do what ever they want. But a conservative says something and he gets charged. Fxcking insane. Time to Dismantle the party of hatred. I stand with this guy on his opinion

  48. if he is going to be charged for threats to dems then pelosi should also be charged for threading the president of the United States to.its not the first time the dems has threatened the president or is it like trump said it’s just one sided.the republicans is charged for crimes while the dems get by with murder and other crimes and the doj does nothing to them.maybe the doj is working with the dems or they are paid of by the dems

  49. Amen to that but you forgot to add Hillary, Obama, Nather, Schiff, Nancy, and AOC and her mob.They all have threaten our President in one way or another. They all should be removed from office and prosecuted, found guilty, and given the maximum punishment allow by LAW

  50. I guess I’m not up on the language, but what does “&amp” mean?

  51. And what about a senator, namely Schumer threatening two supreme Court Justices, why did he get away with it?
    American Justice my foot,…. “two weights two scales, always right!

  52. Am I surprised? heck no. Some irate liberal will probably end up shooting this most hated woman in America. She has proven time and again that she hates our country and Trump even more. Her hatred for Trump is obvious even to a novice.

  53. What about Johnny Depp threatening the president of the United States and what about George Lopez he threaten the president of the United States. If you guys recall correctly a country put a hit out on our president and George Lopez said he would do it for half. Roseanne Barr got kicked off of a sitcom For speaking facts. Yeah it’s OK for the actors of will and grace to say they want to know who the Republicans are that are going to a party for donations so they know who they can blacklist and not work with. I can keep going and going about the radical left and their threats.

  54. Why do these folks that threatened the President, get locked up. I guess that is the different between a non Democrat. This law is not right. All should be treated alike. He and lots more feel the same way, but express it because we will go to jail. May God have mercy on those souls.

  55. You are so right! remember the threats by those willing to put a bounty on President Trump’s head. Dont understand? A threat on the President is a THREAT!!!

  56. Exactly, pelosi is a drunken pos. Why is a threat against her illegal but not against the president or judges? The corruption keeps coming out to light. No one should be able to make threats, or claim it was a joke.

  57. Exactly, pelosi is a drunken pos. Why is a threat against her illegal but not against the president or judges? The corruption keeps coming out to light. No one should be able to make threats, or claim it was a joke.

  58. But, but,…the “Democrats” keep telling us that ;”No-one is above the law!”

  59. Yes Pelosi let people die and get financially ruined while she held up the virus bill so she could stuff it full of garbage, and she gets away with it. This man says what’s on the minds of many people because no matter what our justice system is a joke. Two systems one for the rich and powerful and one for the ordinary citizens. All those clowns in Hollywood spoke of the death of the president and how many went to jail? ZERO! I support this guy to speak like he does. We’ve been
    Had by the powerful that there’s justice for the people when there is none. think I’m wrong? Here’s proof…Hillary Clinton. 30,000 emails of the people’s and she gets rid of them and she gets to run for President. Our justice system is not justice it’s a joke. Our Constitution is shredded every day, justice is reserved for the powerful, our country is being taken over from inside by Islam and the media is bought and paid by communist China. Wake up America before it’s all gone. Besides the left talks this way all the time but nothing happens to them.

  60. Who fucken cares if this selfish power hungry hag is getting death threats? What about all the ones our President has gotten since in office? This bitch should be rotting in a federal jail cell getting raped by all the dykes. This fucken uncaring whore and her fucken stupid daughter can fuck themselves.

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