House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday ordered the removal of portraits in the Capitol of previous House speakers who served in the Confederacy as part of an effort to “appropriately observe Juneteenth” on Friday.

Pelosi said she discovered the four portraits as she was taking inventory in the Capitol of Confederate statues, which she is also trying to remove but can’t do unilaterally.

“Tomorrow, Juneteenth, the clerk will oversee the removal of those Confederate speakers from the House,” Pelosi announced at a press conference at the Capitol. “There’s no room in the hallowed halls of this democracy, this temple of democracy, to memorialize people who embody violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the Confederacy.”

Pelosi sent a letter to the House Clerk Cheryl Johnson requesting the removal of four previous House Speakers to honor Juneteenth, which is observed June 19 and commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States.


“To appropriately observe Juneteenth this year, I write today to request the immediate removal of the portraits in the U.S. Capitol of four previous Speakers who served in the Confederacy: Robert Hunter of Virginia (1839-1841), Howell Cobb of Georgia (1849-1851), James Orr of South Carolina (1857-1859), and Charles Crisp of Georgia (1891-1895),” Pelosi wrote to the Johnson.

“The portraits of these men are symbols that set back our nation’s work to confront and combat bigotry,” she added.

The action is the latest effort by Pelosi to rid the Capitol of relics that celebrate Confederate icons. Her pursuit started during her first speakership when she successfully moved a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee down to the crypt.


Pelosi is also trying to remove 11 Confederate statues from the Capitol but needs others to sign off. However, Pelosi does have the power to move statues around and she’s open to relegating the statues to dark corners of the Capitol if she can’t get them removed.


Confederate statues across the nation have come down in rapid succession in recent weeks in the wake of the death of George Floyd and flood of protests demanding racial justice. Pelosi mentioned the names of black Americans who recently died in her letter requesting the removal of the confederate portraits on Juneteenth.

“Very sadly, this day comes during a moment of extraordinary national anguish, as we grieve for the hundreds of black Americans killed by racial injustice and police brutality, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others,” she wrote.

44 thoughts on “Pelosi orders removal of portraits of ex-House speakers who served in Confederacy”
  1. Pigliosi is playing politics with these issues. She is more interested in photo ops instead of history. I don’t harbor I’ll feelings about these issues but she only wants to use this issue to try and get re-elected. She has been in Congress for more than thirty years and now she objects. If she can keep her position she will drag this country into the sewer/ swamp.
    She has never done one thing that was in the interest of the People but she can’t let her cash cow go.
    She should be charged for her False Impeachment, her blocking all ideas which weren’t hers. She only has her agenda and has broken her oath of office. In her mind “Use the virus and the unrest to get her items included in bill. Don’t forget giving the Kennedy Center money with the first care act. Giving Planned Parenthood money that should have gone to citizens.

  2. Since the majority of Democrats opposed and voted against the 13th amendment, can we remove them too.

  3. Those portraits will be put back up come November when she is removed from her seat and then maybe her portrait will be removed and never put back up again, she is the worst kind of racist, along with the democratic racist machine.

  4. She should remove her own picture as well as all others as long as we are destroying our history.

  5. How can she do that??? Where did she get that kind of power??? Shouldn’t there be a majority vote on something like that??? I will be so glad when she is gone. I don’t care if she retires, someone retires her to the old folks home, or she just dies of old age, but we will be better off when she is no longer in the House.

  6. Polisi, go straight to hell, you have been in office for yesrs years, why now, it’s because of Trump in office. You don’t care about black people. You just hate Trumy

  7. So let’s go the next step. Let’s remove Pelosi’s picture and every current Democrat in the House with our votes.

  8. The Democrats, like the Nazis, believe in controlling history and using it as a weapon.
    A free people need to know that all of the Confederacy elected officials were Democrats
    and that the Ku Klux Klan controlled the Democrat Convention of 1924 and that their
    concern for the Negro people is a lie.

    Adrian Vance

  9. So in general, any white guy from below the Mason/Dixon line who has his picture in the White House should be removed from history? Nancy Pelosi also believes in closing all the Christian churches too. She also is in favor of replacing the American people with illegal aliens. And doing away with elections. And tearing up the constitution. Tired of all the stupid? Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020!

  10. And WE, the PEOPLE, ORDER THE GOVERNMENT TO BAN AND WIPE AWAY HER DISGUSTING, UGLY, DRUNKEN FACE, FROM THE WORLD! We are soooooo sick of this bitchy witch! She is EVIL, sold her soul to satan, and hell is waiting for her!

  11. Such a sad hateful hypocrite Nancy is. She is a loathsome person undeserving to serve in Congress. She is so full of hate

  12. Ok, so the revolution didn’t happen or the war for independence.
    The civil war didn’t happen or the war between the states didn’t happen either.
    This woman, who has a voice in our nation capitol is totally out of control and off her meds.
    I guess we all just landed here from someplace in her imagination and we should forget our nation’s history.
    Somewhat flawed but we are still growing.
    Change will come as it has over the years.

  13. What about Democrat Robert Byrd? He was KKK Recruiter and friend layer of the KKK Grand Wizard! He was also Hillary Clinton’s mentor!

  14. Isting that in all the decades that Pelosi has staggered through the Halls of Congress, that this is the first time they offended her.

  15. She is making a huge mistake and imay ruin her political career I am a Democrat and I for one will not be cutting for her if she accomplish this.That was a Sad time in the history of our Country.But it is history.We should not erase our history.We should LEARN by it,so the same sadness does not happen again.

  16. Pelosi is such a CYNiC! Why didnt she do it during her 40 glorious years in Congress? Why did the Hitlery woman and joe biden give the EULOGY for the KKK klansman whose statue is still in the halls of Congress? So now, they had an EPIPHANY and they rush to l i c bblack’s ahr siss?

  17. She is a nutcase and when she name every American who died or was injured in the riots and across our country no matter what color. Or when she can name everybody killed or suffered bodily harm from and illegal then maybe I would listen. She is a drunk and a traitor she needs removed. I just listened to a man who had it right, something wouldn’t understand. WE ARE AMERICANS WE WOULD RATHER DIE ON OUR FEET THEN LIVE ON OIR KNEES.

  18. I wont be silenced. This is the way I feel and the TRUTH and YOU KNOW IT! YOU WILL N>EVER silence us! ou can erase my comment but i will place it somewhere else.

  19. All of those removed were Democrats. Funny how the media doesn’t reveal that fact to you. I Republicans, it would be in the headline.

  20. Another racist act from Pelousy. Those guys did not have much of a choice, at the time. Besides they were Democrats.

  21. Pelousy goes and does another racist act. The so called confederate speakers did not have much of a choice at the time. Besides, they were all democrats.

  22. I find it amusing that Nancy uses the word grotesque. She should look in a mirror.

  23. It only took Nancy ‘Let them eat ice cream’ Pelosi 33 years to notice to notice the portraits. Of course if she really wanted to remove every reminder of slavery, she would order the Democrat party disbanded.

  24. Sadly this person is sick and ought not to be allowed out in public, and/or must also be restrained in private.
    Clearly she badly requires a dementia check- up in order to protect the Union – on the other hand she and others are handing the next Presidential Election to the GOP – so thankfully her sickness has its positive side.
    God Bless America!

  25. Partly correct, on the other hand, with the dearth of any REAL comedy shows, we deserve to be able to have a regular laugh or two – don’t we? Which she supplies on a regular, but stammering, basis.
    So keep her breathing, together with Hilary Clinton, for a little while longer……..The in five months, they can both ‘clock-out’ together, poor dears.
    Dementia y’know!

  26. Pelosi is a nasty evil person who is trying to rewrite our history. Does she think that taking down these portraits will actually change our history? The idea of learning about history is for folks to NOT make mistakes of the past. Much of our history is good; some of it was not so good. Slavery certainly was not good. However it did happen & taking down these portraits + all the destruction & removal of statues will never change the facts. All these articles 1. belong to We The People & 2. are not the sole property of Nancy Pelosi to do as she wants,. I personally am discussed with her antics & feel she needs to be removed from office immediately before she does any more damage to our democracy & costs the taxpayers any more money with false investigations & proven false accusations against our President. Enough is enough!!!

  27. Nancy Pelosi is an uninformed idiot. June 19th is not the date that slavery ended in the United States. Republican President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862 and it took effect on January 1, 1863. On June 19, 1865 the slaves in Texas, only, found out that they had been freed. Nancy, if you read a real history book maybe you would learn some real history. So you see, June 19th is a holiday only in Texas, not the whole United States.

  28. You don’t learn anything if history’s warts are eliminated. Absurd of this “project”
    to destroy and eliminate every trace of any past offender, because the perpetrators are infuriated by historical activities that are NOT
    sanctioned today. (*Note: these people were on the other side of the fence pre this overwrought PC era)
    The past “offenders” also helped create a magnificent country, and that understanding must be preserved and passed on along with
    the understanding that
    we know to do better today.

  29. She won’t be done until the only portrait remaining will be hers. To complete that debaucal she will then have a statue of herself placed front and center after she has succeeded in removing all others. Amazing.

  30. I don’t understand how Nancy Pelosi got so much power that she thinks whatever rambles around in her pea brain should be the new norm and particularly the rewriting of history. Do these people really think if they destroy our country and take down historical statues that makes everything a lie that happened in the past? It happened, it’s called history, get over it, be kind to one another and make changes in your life that affect you. In the real world you are either a taker or a giver. Nothing is ever free, someone has to give! You don’t get ahead in life by stealing, cheating or by feeling entitled and the world should revolve around you. There is so much greed, jealousy, laziness and lies that this world is not the world that I grew up in. The ones I worry about? My children and my grandchildren. Get a grip, change your life, help others and vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence. Our country was being run like a business and the reason this whole mess keeps on is because the Ds and Libs know they will do anything possible to make the election swing their way including mail fraud and scare tactics at the voting polls. The news does not write nor speak the truth. Let’s get back to the previous 3 1/2 years of ‘MAKING AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN”


  32. Karin you are just another ignorant ass racist Republican with your stupid ass

  33. Stupid ass Republican study your history before you open your ignorant ass racist mouth

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