Andrew Weissmann, an MSNBC contributor and top deputy to former special counsel Robert Mueller, is calling on former Vice President Joe Biden to prosecute President Donald Trump, assuming he will be inaugurated in January.

Weissmann, in an op-ed for the New York Times that the next Department of Justice “should investigate Mr. Trump and, if warranted, prosecute him for potential federal crimes.”

Mr. Trump’s criminal exposure is clear,” he said, adding that there is “ample evidence to support a charge that Mr. Trump obstructed justice,” in the Mueller probe, which cleared the president of any criminal wrongdoing between himself and the Russian government during his White House transition.

Weissmann then floated the possibility that President Trump could “pardon not just his family and friends before leaving office but also himself in order to avoid federal criminal liability.”

“In short, being president should mean you are more accountable, not less, to the rule of law,” he concluded.

Weissmann’s op-ed comes after the former Mueller prosecutor compared President Trump to Nazi Germany Dictator Adolf Hitler.

“For those people who say we should appease Trump, how did that approach go for Neville Chamberlain,” he wrote on Twitter.

In September, Weissmann seemingly threw Mueller under the bus by lamenting that they “could have done more” in their investigation into President Trump.

“Had we given it our all — had we used all available tools to uncover the truth, undeterred by the onslaught of the president’s unique powers to undermine our efforts?” he wrote in The Atlantic. “I know the hard answer to that simple question: We could have done more.”

41 thoughts on “Biden DOJ to Prosecute Trump”
  1. Obama 2 all he criminals are coming out and trying to do their best at lying cheating and stealing the Election. They including the media have been in on this scam from the beginning.

  2. Joe the pedophile better be careful. He has many things that he can be charged with including voter fraud.

  3. why don`t they investigate biden and his family who have got away with lots of crimes over the last 39 years,his sons and daughter have all committed crimes that were brushed under the carpet and you voted this crook to president

  4. Hey weissmann,
    What about this “unity” thing you and your ilk keep vomiting up for the people to slurp up? Where is this “tolerance” that keeps getting mentioned?
    Where is the PROOF that is usually required for prosecution and investigation?
    The hell with this…just kiss my ass and crawl back under a rock with that freak pelosi and the twats from the squad. Freaking traitors

  5. Prosecute President Trump? For what you clown? The rightful prosecution was the other way around but the sewer of Washington and the corrupt tentacles of big government even into the DOJ and FBI run deep and birds of the same corrupt feather will not seek justice on each other!.
    We are sliding closer and closer to a third world behind the curtain dictatorship!
    The ones that are awake and not brainwashed realize that!
    I truly believe that they are not outnumbered by the fools and jester clowns of this country!
    But that’s what rigged and corrupt elections erase in their favor!

  6. Keep stirring the pot. And, the scum at the bottom rises. You may bring light to things best left in the dark!!!

  7. Oh Bull 💩💩. How can you obstruct a CRIME that DIDN’T happen. Democrat’s are crazed with power and HATE!!!!!!
    If Trump remains PRESIDENT he should investigate each ONE of these DEMOCRAT’S. They ALL make me sick 🤮

  8. The only ones that should be prosecuted for their crimes, are those Democrats who tried for 4 years to overthrow the government of the United States of America, after Donald J. Trump was legally elected and certified by the electoral college, as the President of The United States in 2016 ! Donald J. Trump has been dragged through hell with accusations, and innuendoes, but still completed all of the great work he had set out to do, up too and including peace in the Middle East, and fast tracking many drug companies in a short period of time, to develope and get ready to distribute a vaccine for the deadly China, or Covid 19 virus ! During the Obama administration they were all scratching their asses, trying to figure out what to do about the H1N1 swine flu, as they are still confused !

  9. The BEAST has spoken. All bow down to the BEAST. You are his SLAVES. He is the Master, he is SATAN. Ok if you trust in God then pray that the BEAST will be defeated and Trump will remain in office!

  10. Weissmann has to have a one track mind. Blaming the Mueller investigation for not doing all they should have to prosecute President Trump, WHILE HE WAS A PART OF THE INVESTIGATION just shows what a nutcase is all about. Deport him.

  11. When President Trump called it the SWAMP it was really the SEWER . If you Demorats think that Pedophile and street walker are the what this country needs, your memory is skewed, NEVER forget Bengazi when he was V.P. !

  12. That is the usual thing to do, point the finger at someone else to take the heat off yourself. That’s what the DemocRats have been doing for more than Four years. The Swamp needs to be drained. Don’t be to excited yet, a lot of Crimes will be exposed very soon. Be sure Your Sins will find You out.

  13. President trump will retain the presidency. So trying to prosecute him is irrelevant you freaking hypocritical idiots

  14. Nothing but a bunch of crooks and criminals that are associated with Biden . They should be prosecuted not Trump .

  15. Weissmann, hey guide. This is the justice of America, not a forest law. Wait to see if this election is fraud or integrity, do not condemn or thread a person who is treated unfairly.

  16. Andrew Weissmann is a vengeful vindictive fool who could not find Russian/Trump collusion because he should have looked at himself and Hillary Clinton! Now he wants to continue baseless persecution of Trump! Five years from now, Andrew Weissmann will be forgotten by Trump will be remembered for putting America first!

  17. I agree with you Mark 💯. Biden is just a piece of shit that’s a part of a bigger pile of shit called the Democrats. His whole family including him are nothing but liars, crooks and thieves. That’s all they have ever been. And then they want to spew unity and tolerance. Talking out of both sides of there mouths. Sorry no good liars all of em.

  18. Why don’t the GOP impeach Biden for
    Being an idiot and anti USA, they should impeach him every day like the dems did to Trump that’s the trouble with the Republicans they got no balls , due into you what you did to me get it

  19. Yes, do that right after you prosecute Quid Pro Slo Joe for forcing out the prosecutor in the Burisma Bribe scandal. Threatening to withhold financial aid so the Big Man (joe) would get his share.

  20. This bulls**t has got to STOP! After spying on the Trump campaign, after spending FORTY MILLION hard-earned tax-payer dollars and after ‘investigating’ President Trump and impeaching him in a kangaroo style court, the ONLY ‘charge’ that the democrats proved is “We don’t like this man because he is making us look bad.” At this point, if Creepy, Cheatin’ Joe (the man who ACTUALLY did the crimes of which Trump is accused) is sworn in as POTUS, it will be time to storm Washington D.C. and clean out the swamp with the use of force and give the dems the JUSTICE they so richly deserve.

  21. This fruit needs to shut his filthy mouth. First, Trump is going to win. There’s millions of pieces of evidence that there was massive voter fraud. Trump will be named President. As for Trump breaking laws though, that’s a load of crap. Obama and his clan are the ones who broke laws. The Democrats all need to be investigated.

  22. Well if Resident Trump, needs to be investigate!!!! I believe we should start the with the Democrats, that have commented TREASON and other crimes against the American People? I personally would start the (Investigation) with these three first! Former President Obama, VP Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Then when we have finished with those 3, the investigat- tion, should turn to Congress, Speaker of the House PELOSI, and all of her following THUGS? The last (4) yrs are nothing to sneeze at, the crimes that have been committed against the America People at the Peoples expense? You have the top 3 colluding with not informing the New President Trump, about the funding of the Wuhan, China Lab, which was not passed on to the New Guy! Obama and Fauci the head of the CDC? They were in that lab and they were funding it, for what reasons! They laid a loaded gun at the feet of the American People, all to discredit the New President Trump, they want Trump to fail and to look bad in the eyes of the American People, well that did not happen! Fauci at first said that masks would not help, I believe he was still under the control of Obama, or why else would he say these things????? Then you have Obama, with software that was used in the 2012, election, that worked in his favor? Then it was used again in the 2016 election, where something went wrong???? Now, former VP Biden, hiding out in his basement not really running a campaign, and he is the supposed Winner of that election??? The last 3 elections have all been highjacked by the Democrats, this this in it’s self should be investigated, for Treasonous Acts, against America and her People? Now, Pelosi, if ever there was a SORE LOSER it would be Pelosi?? She said that Trump was not the real President, now why would she say that, unless she new about the software that they used! See every thing that has ever been said either good or bad, always has a line of the TRUTH in it? The American People demand JUSTICE?? Ok, less go to all of the cities that are ran by Democrats, with the rioting and looting out of control!!! Now, why wasn’t any of that being done in the Republican cities????? The DEMS wanted all that going on to again make the President Trump to look bad, well that did not happen??? All it did was spread the COVID-19 Virus faster, and kill more American??? We are not just numbers, we are real People! We want all of these Criminals behind bars, and I DO NOT MEAN THE FEDERAL COUNTRY CLUB????? Lets see if this actually gets posted, or it be like( FaceBook) police) where if it is in favor of God and President Trump, it should get deleted????? The People Of America has spoken?????

  23. Obama and Clinton are the ones that needs to be prosecuted. Stryzok and Mueller need to be prosecuted for running a fake Russia Collusion investigation and wasting millions in taxpayer funds. Democrats, including Biden, need to be prosecuted for rigging a Presidential Election.

  24. Trump didn’t play the game right!
    He didn’t put the American workers last, and China first, like Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden did, so they could line their pockets with lots of Chinese cash!
    Prosecute the innocent, while the Criminals run loose!

  25. What about all the Federal crimes committed by the Clintons, Biden and even Barry?
    Everyone upset Trump not conceding! Didn’t Hillary tell Biden never to concede? What about Al Gore and his legal challenges! OK for Dems but not GOO?? And, I won’t even get started on Pelosi and the one who slept her way to VP!

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