Hunter Biden CBS Interview

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, appeared in an interview on CBS this weekend to promote his new memoir book, “Beautiful Things.” He has written in his book that he “has no recollection” of meeting the Arkansas-based stripper who gave birth to his child in 2018.

He also talks about his struggles with addiction and the death of his brother, Beau.
The stripper was working in a Washington D.C club when she met Hunter Biden. At the time, he was going through “more than four years of active addiction.” Throughout those years, Hunter tried on many different occasions to become sober.
Despite having a child with this woman, Hunter said that he’d had very few meaningful relationships in his adult life.

In his book, Hunter said he met his wife on his “first actual date in 26 years.” He also said that the romantic relationship he had with his brother’s widow after his death “belonged to a whole other category, and the other women I’d been with during rampages since my divorce [was] hardly the dating type.”
“We’d satisfy our immediate needs and little else,” he said. “I’m not proud of it.”
When talking about the mother of his child, Hunter said that he “had no recollection of our encounter. That’s how little connection I had with anyone.”

“I was a mess,” he added. “But a mess I’ve taken responsibility for.”
In another damming admission, Hunter claims he had “no idea” whether the now infamous laptop from the New York Post story was his.
11 thoughts on “Hunter Biden Has “No Recollection” of Meeting Stripper Who Gave Birth to His Child”
  1. Doing drugs does a lot of odd things to people. IT’S time for Hunter to take responsibility for his actions.

  2. To bad they don’t do daily drug tests. Really get a woman pregnant and didn’t know what he did. Seems an excuse all commie dems use – Hillary the smartest woman in the world, in her world, in testimony didn’t remember anything. Its call crooked and whatever you have to say to not wind up in prison, of course it helps that all the agencies are now lawless.

  3. In other words he screwed everything that came along and is not quite sure about it. Like his Dad cheep.

  4. Typical libtard excuses… Deny, deny, deny and have no recollection. Blame something else, instead of yourself, in his case “drugs”…
    Then everyone wonders why sheeple are the same way, it’s easier to point fingers than to take responsibility!!! Scumbag

  5. He’s not just a mess. He, his father, the Dem party are all crooks. Masters of deception and lies!

  6. hunter–that laptop is your bastard child the same as the child with the stripper-
    as your pop is so happy to say–it’s the science

  7. hunter-you have an illegitimate child with a stripper-
    and a laptop full of illegal stuff-
    and we know this is all true because the scientists say so-
    thank your dad –he loves science-even though it is marginal
    whose papers he copied to pass that course-

  8. hunter biden–a bottom feeder from a family full of pond scum-
    2 bastard children –
    1 with a stripper-
    and the other is a laptop full of evidence of wrong doing-
    that is being covered up by the FBI-
    and of course he was so doped up he does not remember either one–
    but that’s ok –the scientists broke the case on both of them-
    I bet your dad is so proud of you –
    you are dumb as dirt just like him-

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