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Facebook’s Oversight Board will soon announce its decision regarding former President Donald Trump’s access to the site.

Trump was indefinitely” banned from Facebook after the January 6th riot at the US Capitol.

And while Facebook has not promised to implement all policy recommendations related to the Board’s decision, the ruling is expected to have a much larger impact beyond that of Trump’s access.

The Oversight Board typically makes a decision within three months, but in this case, has extended that deadline to review public comments.

“The Board will announce its decision on the case concerning former US President Trump’s indefinite suspension from Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks,” tweeted the Board on April 16th. “We extended the public comments deadline for this case, receiving 9,000+ responses.”

Facebook’s decision to ban a sitting president has been criticized by leaders throughout the world as gross overreach and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are demanding legislation to curb the ever-growing powers of Big Tech.

Already, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has introduced legislation to penalize social media sites that ban politicians even if they incite violence.

“We’ve seen the power of their censorship over individuals and organizations, including what I believe is clear viewpoint discrimination,” said DeSantis in February. “Under our proposal, if a technology company de-platforms a candidate for elected office in Florida during the election, a company will face a daily fine of $100,000 until the candidate’s access to the platform is restored again.”

On the other side is a group of tech advocates who insist that reinstating Trump’s access to Facebook will be an “invitation to violence, hate, and disinformation that will cost lives and undermine democracy.” The group calls itself “The Real Facebook Oversight Board.”

 In the meantime, Trump is expected to launch his own social media platform with which he can resume communication with his millions of followers.

10 thoughts on “Will Facebook Unban Trump?”
  1. You are not god and every American citizen has the right of free speech. If you do not agree you have the right to speak out against but not the right to bar a person’s right to speak.

  2. You are not god and every American citizen has the right of free speech. If you do not agree you have the right to speak out against but not the right to bar a person’s right to speak.

  3. At least we can rest easily as Facebook bans Maxine Waters for inciting violence. So that is a good thing. As far as President Trump is concerned it no longer matters to me. I wouldn’t join Facebook for all the money in the world after what they have done to our freedoms and our constitutional rights. RIP Facebook. You are a total disgrace.

  4. If Facebook is not careful the only people on Facebook will be the far left no conservatives or moderates! Seems like your fact checkers have an agenda! You flag an item for fact-check but in your comments you do not show that it did! You have not proven you point!

  5. This is why I do not use social media sites. I can get all of what President Trump is saying via email. Twitter and Instagram are good ideas but their owners are only human.
    So they can pound sand in the desert!

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