A gunman has opened fire outside a restaurant in downtown Sacramento, killing at least six people and injuring nearly a dozen others, local officials and witnesses say. The suspect – whose identity was not immediately known – fled the scene.

The incident occurred at 2 a.m. on Sunday when police officers were called for an active shooter in the area of 10th Street and K Street in downtown Sacramento. It happened shortly after the last call for bars in the area.

Exact details about the circumstances of the shooting were not immediately known, but witnesses said a man in a car fired at a crowd near El Santo restaurant before fleeing the scene. As many as 50 gunshots – fired from an automatic weapon – were heard.

A video on social media showed that a fight was taking place at the time of the shooting, but it’s unclear if the two events were linked.

“Officers located at least 15 shooting victims, including six who are deceased,” a spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department said in a statement. Victims were found at multiple locations in the downtown area, possibly after fleeing the initial scene.

“Please avoid the area as a large police presence will remain and the scene remains active,” police said in a statement. The identity of the suspect was not immediately known and police have not released any details about a possible motive.

Original Article: https://bnonews.com/index.php/2022/04/at-least-15-victims-in-sacramento-california-mass-shooting/

5 thoughts on “Automatic Weapon Used In CA Shooting; At Least 6 Dead”
  1. Once again a Criminal proves that laws won’t stop them. It is ILLEGAL to own a fully automatic weapon in America without a special license and it is an Expensive one. Chances are that the shooter did not hit the actual target of his shooting spree. That is normally the case in Most drive bys. This shooting was in the Capital of Commiepornia where you would expect the most police and least crime but this proves that the WILLFUL IGNORANCE 9of LIBERALS has even made this city unsafe.

  2. I don’t care. Democrats do not give a crap about the American people. They will stage mass shootings and they will make sure that people who are mentally ill get their hands on guns. Trying to keep the Gonzaga law-abiding citizens to they can control us. I have no respect for the Democrats or the Republicans. Time to overthrow our government. They no longer serve the people.

  3. I agree with Robert to a point. I do not believe in overthrowing anything. I believe more in creating a new separate thing where people who like freedom and choice have their own section of this country known as the USA where we can live the way the founding fathers intended us to live. The one thing that would be missing is a job description for the “career” politician. We could call it the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

  4. Hard to know the truth here. The lying media has intentionally confused the definition of automatic and semi automatic firearms for years in it’s never ending attempt to ram through new laws intended for civilian disarmament.

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