63-year-old special education teacher Alfredo Caracena was arrested last Tuesday for allegedly touching one of his elementary school students.

Carcacena put in his resignation around the same time school officials were made aware about the alleged incident and told police, who eventually arrested him on two counts of “lewdness with a child.”

More details have been published since the arrest was first announced.

According to local outlet KTNV in Las Vegas, the encounter happened at Walter Bracken STEAM Academy, an elementary school, during the school day. A teacher’s aide was routinely present in Caracena’s classroom, but wasn’t there on the day of the incident. The teacher had a female student sit on his lap when he began to touch her body inappropriately, police say, and asked if she liked it.

The student told another teacher at the school about what happened, and then the teacher told the principal, who sent Caracena home and called the cops.

A commenter online had this to say about the situation. “The Walter Bracken incident breaks my heart, my sister goes to that school and I used to. Mr. Fred/ Alfredo Caracena is lucky he didn’t get involved with my sister, not because of me but because of my dad and my uncles. My dad holds a couple of pistols and a shotgun. Very sad.”

The preliminary hearing for Caracena’s case is set for June 6.

Elsewhere this month: a 30-year-old California high school teacher was arrested for “lewd acts” with a student, and a Seattle elementary school teacher faces molestation charges for allegedly assaulting a six- or seven-year-old child.

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2 thoughts on “Special Ed Teacher Arrested for Lewdness With Elementary Student”
  1. Here again we are told the name and location of a sex preverter. I believe that this information should be withheld until the person is tried and convicted. He could be innocent. However, if true, he should be locked up with his own kind and let them deal with him. I find it interesting that the same organization/people that wants to teach our children about sex at an early age are the same organization/people who are being arrested for these crimes.

  2. Am I to understand that all of the people who want to teach children about sexuality are the ones who abuse them?. What if I were to say that less than 10 % of that is true. What about cops are they all bad, what about blacks are they all on welfare and drug dealers?. When will we accept the reality that in everything and situation there’s rules and there’s exceptions, and if ever the exceptions outnumber the rules we wont have a world anymore..

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