The actions of a Detroit police lieutenant are being investigated after allegations that she attacked a handcuffed woman.

Detroit News obtained “a pirated copy of an officer’s body-worn camera that captured the interaction with the woman, whom police described as mentally ill.”

“Among the issues being investigated is whether Lt. Velma Hampton of the 9th Precinct submitted a backdated use-of-force report last week after The Detroit News inquired about the May 29 incident, police officials said,” they report.

Hampton has been placed on administrative duty, Police Chief James White said.

“The actions of this lieutenant are troubling and in contravention of our policies,” he said.

The incident apparently took place two weeks ago outside of the 9th Precinct just before 11 pm. Video was given to the Detroit News, and “was shot with a cellphone that was aimed at a police department computer monitor while it played the body camera footage.”

The alleged victim was also naked when the attack took place.

Hampton can be seen on video “yanking the woman forward by her hair before multiple officers pull away their boss. The video shows the officers struggling with the screaming lieutenant, who swipes her hand toward the woman multiple times,” Detroit News reports.

The video was provided by an unauthorized source. Police officials have confirmed the video’s authenticity.

Original Article: Detroit police lieutenant seen attacking naked handcuffed woman in leaked video | The Post Millennial

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