The grieving widow of a police captain murdered by a BLM protester slams Kamala Harris for her defense of BLM and “woke” corporations that perpetuated the violence that led to her husband’s death.

Ann Dorn, the wife of retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, slammed Vice President Kamala Harris and “woke” corporations on “Fox & Friends First” for perpetuating the violence.

“Being a leader, [Kamala Harris] is supposed to be calling for peace, and she was telling protesters to continue with their protests, and she set up a bail fund for them to bail them out of jail. That’s absurd,” Dorn said.

“She should’ve been charged with inciting a riot there because it increased and condoned the violence happening in our countries,” she added.

Dorn, who recently detailed her disdain for the hatred and division plaguing the U.S. in an op-ed published with Fox, called Harris and her left-wing affiliates “supervillains” in contrast to her “superhero” husband.

“He was Black. His life mattered,” she wrote.

Dorn told Fox News hosts Todd Piro and Carley Shimkus that changing America’s course begins with electing better politicians and vetting their backgrounds before putting them in office. 

“Crime is not political, and these prosecutors are making it a political issue,” she said. “Criminals who commit crimes need to be put in jail – especially violent crimes.”

Dorn then went on to reveal that her husband’s murderer had already been arrested twice and charged with armed robbery, yet he never served a single day in prison for the crimes.

She tearfully concluded the interview by saying that her late husband would be ashamed to see where the country is heading today, saying, “This is not the country that we hoped for.”