Vice President Harris and the director of the Secret Service have both expressed concerns following the accident that Harris was in on Monday. Following the minor collision, the agency at first chose not to provide any details on the occurrence.

According to the so far reports, the motorcade set to transport Harris to the White House was delayed. The delay was caused by the Secret Service agent-driven vehicle hitting a tunnel curb in Washington, D.C.

According to the electronic alert sent to the agency supervisors, this was due to “a mechanical failure.”

Following the accident, Harris was examined but deemed unharmed. The vehicle bore the largest damage and in fact, Harris had to be transferred to a different vehicle in order to get to the White House.
Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that the accident was caused by “a minor overcorrection”. However, the initial radio traffic suggested a mechanical failure.

However, the incident has caused concerns as the Secret Service is not disclosing a lot of information about the electronic alert. Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle was also concerned about the lack of details received by the initial alert and the original documentation of the vice President’s delay.

The Vice president expressed her appreciation for the Secret Services’ support during the incident.